Choosing a driving school is key to becoming a safe driver.

Choosing a driving school that has great instructors and a great training program is essential to becoming a safe driver. The most common question I get when someone is looking for a driving school is what is the price? Most people don’t ask any other questions such as how good are the instructors or what qualifications do your instructors have.  Some other things that should be considered before selecting a driving school are:

Qualified Driving Instructors

Unfortunately their are some people working as driving instructors who are not qualified Driving Instructors. At Learn To Drive Driving School you can be assured your Driving Instructor is fully qualified. Just ask them and they will show your their Driving Instructors Licence

Dual Control Cars

Make sure your driving instructor has a dual control car. If the student makes a mistake you need the instructor to be able to use the dual controls to maintain control of the car.

Full One Hour Driving Lesson

Make sure you deal with a driving school that gives you value for money. At Learn To Drive we make sure you get what you are paying for. Some driving school only do 45 minute lessons. Sadly some Driving Schools arrive late and finish early which means you do not get the full one hour lesson that you paid for.

Good Reviews

Look at what other students have to say about the driving school. Check the schools Facebook page and Google reviews to see what former students think of the school. If a driving school is doing a good job then they will have positive reviews from former students. You might as well benefit from the experiences of other students.