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Hawkesbury Driving School

Are you looking for a great Hawkesbury Driving school that provides stress free driving lessons? At Learn to Drive we know how important it is for you to find the right driving school. That is why we have highly trained driving instructors with lots of experience in teaching learner drivers in the Hawkesbury area.

Our local driving school will prepare you to pass the driving test first go. We know the local area and how the local examiners mark the driving test.

Why choose Learn to Drive

  • Fully Qualified Driving instructors
  • Lots of experience in the Hawkesbury and Richmond areas
  • Dual controlled cars for your safety
  • Free Keys2Drive lesson available
  • Approved Provider of the TfNSW Safer Driver Course
  • NDIS approved provider for Specialized Driving Lessons


Hawkesbury Defensive Driving School

Are you looking for a driving school that can teach you defensive driving skills? At learn to drive we provide comprehensive driving lessons to our students. This includes low risk driving techniques that will help you become a safer driver including:

  • Crash avoidance spaces
  • Safe following distances
  • Hazard perception and how to respond to hazards
  • Decision making
  • Gap Selection
  • Speed Management

Hawkesbury Driving Lessons

Regardless of your age or experience we will tailor each driving lesson to meet your specific needs. Which means you will learn more and achieve your goals faster with Learn to Drive.

By focusing on your weaknesses and teaching you how to drive safely you will learn more and become a better driver. Most drivers will tell you that they know how to drive properly. In fact most drivers will insist that they are good drivers or safe drivers. However when you ask them to explain what a blind spot is or when you are required to check your blind spot you will notice the gaps in their knowledge.

In fact most drivers are unable to give specific examples of high risk driving behaviors and explain the steps you should take to minimize the risk of being involved in an accident.

Hawkesbury Drriving Lesson

Why take driving lessons with Learn to Drive

The best way for you to become a safer driver is learn to drive from a qualified professional. There is no point in learning someone else’s bad habits. Nor is there any point in taking lessons from someone who does not actually teach you anything.

Our innovative training program means that our students learn more and become safer drivers in a relaxed and stress free environment. At Learn to Drive we offer:

  • Full 1 hour driving lessons. We won’t waste your time.
  • RMS accredited instructors.
  • Modern cars Automatic or Manual.
  • Fully Insured.
  • Dual controls for your safety.
  • Local Driving Instructors.
  • Package deals available.
  • Exceptional pass Rate.

Hawkesbury Driving Instructors

A good teacher is hard to find. When you find a good teacher you will learn more and you will notice a significant improvement. At Learn to Drive we have instructors who know how to teach students to drive safely. In addition to that our driving instructors are calm and relaxed people who enjoy explaining complex road rules to students.

When you know what to do and how to do it driving is easy. In fact it is both enjoyable and relaxing. If you are stressed out or nervous about the driving test or having a motor vehicle accident, take a lesson with Learn to Drive.

After learning more about the road rules and safe driving skills your anxiety levels will fade and you will become more confident at driving.

What our Students Say about Learn to Drive

By Far the best driving school I have been with and with just a few lessons I passed my P 1 test with flying colours. Thank you so much
Amazing Driving Instructor, gave good and detailed lessons. So helpful that I passed my test first try.
I had great experience during my learning time with Learn To Drive Driving School and my amazing instructor Michael. Initially I thought I was the person that would never be able to learn how to drive. I was scared even to sit on the driver seat , let along driving. I had great anxiety and fear. Michael was the person who helped me to overcome my fears. He was consistently patient, understanding, calm, and explained to me several times if I could not understand something. I felt secure and I felt that I was gradually starting to enjoy the process of driving as I grew my confidence. Michael always gave me the best advice and he went over and beyond to prepare me for the driving test, and I passed it and got my P's . Learning can be fun, and I will always be remembering these lessons with a smile, because I enjoyed them and had a great time. I highly recommend this driving school and Michael, thanks again for your great work and for teaching me.