Learning to Drive

Preparing for Driving Test

Preparing for the driving test is like preparing for any other test. If you prepare properly for it then you will find it easier to pass. The driving test can be broadly defined as testing you on two components which are the road rules and driving safely. It is easy to pass the driving test when you have a good understanding of these two concepts and you can apply them in real life situations. Which often involves assessing the conditions of the road and applying the road rules and safe driving techniques. However if you do not know how to drive safely or how to apply the road rules you will find it very difficult to make thee right decisions and pass the driving test.

Unfortunately too many people do not learn the correct way to drive. They spend a lot of time driving around and completing the required 120 log book hours, but they don’t learn safe driving techniques or develop good decision making skills. If you do not know the road rules or you do not know how to apply safe driving techniques you are unlikely to pass the test. It is much better to Learn To Drive the right way.

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Preparing for Driving Test

Nothing beats practice, so get as much practice as you can, but make sure you are practicing to drive the correct way. Their is no point continuing to practice bad driving techniques in fact by continually practicing bad driving techniques you will only make it harder for you to change your bad habits later. You will be much better off if you simply get some lessons with a good driving instructor and learn to drive properly.

During the driving test you will be tested on all aspects of driving including steering, blind spots, vision, low risk driving, cornering, road position, roundabouts, traffic lights and so on. So learn each topic you will be tested on and then practice it. At Learn To Drive we provide each student with a list of topics that they can be tested on. We also provide a written assessment of the students competency in each topic.

Tips on Preparing for the Driving Test

The most important thing is to learn how to drive properly. This involves learning the correct techniques for things like scanning and steering. Right now ask yourself how do I scan properly and how do I steer properly. Then ask yourself how do they mark my scanning and steering in the driving test.

Learn how to Drive Properly from a qualified driving instructor. Make sure you know the following

  1. Scanning if you do not scan properly you will not be able to pass the test. A lot of people fail the test by not stopping at stop signs or speeding. The fact is everyone doing the test knows they have to stop at stop signs. They also know they are not allowed to speed. Yet they fail the test because they did not scan properly and they did not notice the signs
  2. Learn the road rules and how to apply them properly. A lot of people fail the driving test for creating a dangerous situation or failing to give way. The fact is most people do not know the road rules, so make sure you learn them.
  3. Do the FREE Keys2Drive lesson with an approved driving instructor. It will help you become a better driver and it will help your supervising driver prepare you to drive safely
  4. Do the Safer Driver Course if you live in New South Wales it will help you become a safer driver and you will learn a lot of things that will help you in the driving test. Such as gap selection, speed management, decision making and hazard perception.
  5. Learn what the examiners are looking for and how they score the test with a good driving instructor who specialises in your local driving test centre.
  6. Do a trial test and learn the Tricks to pass the driving test. At Learn to Drive we combine the difficult sections of the various test tracks in your area. When you can pass the Trial Test you are ready for the real thing.
  7. Take a city drive with Learn to Drive. When you drive in heavy traffic and on unfamiliar roads it helps you improve your scanning and decision making abilities. Then when you do the test at your local test centre on familiar roads it will improve your decision making abilities and attention to details.

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Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before you do the test. You want to perform well on the day.

On the day of the test drive around the area you will be tested in. Make sure you practice three point turns and reverse parallel parking. This will build up your confidence and reassure you that you are ready for the test.

Preparing for Driving Test

Nerves or Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous before the test and everyone handles nerves differently. Do whatever it is you normally do to overcome your anxiety about the test. Remember that you have learnt how to drive the correct way and you have practiced the correct driving techniques. Take a deep breath and try to relax.


During the test make sure you concentrate on the part of the test you are currently doing. If you think you made a mistake do not dwell on it. You can not change the past. The best thing you can do is focus on what you are doing now and show the testing officer that you are a good driver.