Manual Driving Lessons Richmond

Manual Driving Lessons Richmond

At Learn to drive we have been providing Manual Driving Lessons in Richmond for many years. Because we actually enjoy driving cars we appreciate what its like to learn to drive a manual car. There is a level of satisfaction you get when you change gears and exert your control over a car instead of waiting for the car to decide when to change gears. You certainly have more fun in a manual car as well as having something to do other than steer the car. Which leads you to becoming a better driver by forcing you to plan ahead as well as developing better driving skills including cornering and hazard perception.

Why Manual Driving Lessons Richmond

For some people its a necessity for work. You will find a lot of work vehicles are manual and you will need a manual licence. For other people its because they enjoy driving it certainly is more enjoyable to drive a manual car.

Taking manual driving lessons Richmond will improve your driving in a number of ways. Once you get used to changing the gears you will have more control over the car. You will also find that it is much more fun to drive a manual and you become a better driver.

Why choose Learn To Drive?

  • Full One hour lesson
  • RMS accredited driving instructors
  • Exceptional Pass rates
  • Dual Controlled cars for your safety
  • Modern Automatic and Manual cars
  • Package deals available

Affordable Manual Driving Lessons Richmond

At learn to drive we provide affordable driving lessons by ensuring you learn the most in your lesson. During your lesson we will explain how

  • The clutch works
  • The gears work including the gear selector and gearbox
  • How to change gears properly
  • How to use the gears when driving and cornering

When you understand how everything works it will be much easier for you to learn how to drive properly

Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours

Manual Driving School Richmond

We have been teaching students to drive manual cars in Richmond and the Hawkesbury area for many years. With a thorough knowledge of local driving conditions and the various test tracks used in Richmond, you are guaranteed to learn how to drive and pass the test on the first attempt.

Research shows that the quality of supervised driving received whilst learning to drive has a significant impact on your ability to drive safely.

Services provided by Learn to Drive Driving School Richmond:

  • Trial Driving Test
  • Use of car for driving test
  • FREE Keys2Drive Lesson
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Overseas licence conversions
  • Aged Driving Assessments
  • Automatic Driving Instructors
  • Manual Driving Instructors
  • Pick up & Drop off in Local area
  • NDIS approved provider

Manual Driving Instructor Richmond

Our senior manual driving instructor has been teaching students to drive manual cars in richmond for many years. Therefore you can relax and enjoy learning to drive a manual car. Each lesson is designed to suit your specific needs, whilst ensuring you learn how to drive safely.

When you take a manual lesson with learn to drive you will learn from a professional driving instructor, who was also a professional driver with a Heavy Combo truck licence. In addition, your local manual driving instructor is also

  • a fully qualified facilitator and coach for the Transport for New South Wales Safer Drivers Course.
  • An approved Keys2Drive instructor automatic and manual cars
  • NDIS approved Driving Instructor