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Safer Drivers Course Ryde

Sydney’s leading driving school, Learn to Drive, is a Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course provider. This course will award you with 20 hours of log book credits after completion and it only takes 2 days!

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The Safer Drivers Course is designed by Transport for NSW and it’s goal is to reduce the risks that young drivers face while driving so they can become more aware and safer motorists who are less likely to be involved in a car crash.

What is the price of the Safer Drivers Course?

The course which is subsidised by Transport for NSW costs $140 incl GST.

What is the duration of the Ryde Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Driver Course is a 2-module program that combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience over a 5 hour period. The course teaches you techniques for driving less aggressively, such as being aware of your speed on the road, not being distracted and other skills that will prevent you from getting into dangerous situations.

Safer Driver Course Prerequisites? 

There are 3 things you need before starting the course. They are:
1. A valid NSW Learners Licence.
2. Minimum of 50 Log Book hours of on-road driving.
3. Night driving must be recorded in your log book.

What’s in the Course?

The course will provide you with skills to driver safer such as:

  • Managing your speed.
  • Following safely.
  • Correct Crash avoidance space.
  • Merging correctly.
  • Identifying hazards.
  • Making wiser road decisions.

The primary benefits of this course are:

  • Identify hazards on the road and minimise the risk of a crash.
  • How to be a better defensive driver.
  • Obtaining 20 log book hours.
  • Learning tactics of being a ‘low risk driver’.
  • Learn how to be a better P plate driver.

Learner drivers will be able to implement the skills and knowledge they learn in this course on the road with a qualified driving instructor. Being able to make informed decisions reduces risks, anticipates avoidable hazardous situations, and helps prepare learner drivers for the transition from learning under supervision without their provisional driver’s licenses.

What are the 2 Safer Drivers Course Modules?

Module 1 – Theoretical

In this 3-hour module, you’ll learn about road safety awareness and gain the tools to create a safer environment for both yourself and your passengers. You’ll also be able to identify risks associated with driving during this session led by a qualified facilitator who has years of experience in providing quality education on driver training.

Module 1 Content

  • A three-hour interactive facilitated group discussion.
  • The discussion will involve up to 12 learner drivers.
  • Learn about driver behaviours and how to implement strategies and techniques to become a safer driver.
  • The module explores challenges that may arise and how to deal with external influences.
  • The session contains videos and activities to keep the session engaging.

Module 2 – Practical

Now students have learned how to identify risks on the road in module 1, we’re going to put our new knowledge into action! We’ll be pairing two of you up at a time and taking turns driving with one another while having an instructor by your side.
The practical coaching session focuses on educating young learners about what they can do before getting behind the wheel – so that when they enter this new world of risky situations, it’s less scary.

Module 2 Content

  • A two-hour on road coaching session with 2 students conducted by an experienced and qualified driving instructor.
  • The coaching sessions are aimed at eliminating the major crash types that occur on NSW roads.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to have a number of drives on set routes.
  • Students will gain practical skills at speed management, gap selection, following distances, hazard perception and more.

The Safer Drivers Course in Ryde is the next step to becoming a lifelong safe driver. The sessions are informative, fun and engaging! You’ll learn valuable driving skills that can’t be taught by your parents or friends all about road safety, defensive driving techniques as well as communication strategies for dealing with difficult drivers on the roads.

Refreshments are provided on the day.

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