Blacktown RMS

Blacktown RMS is an authorised driver testing centre. The Roads and Maritime Services is located in the Services NSW centre at the Blacktown MegaCentre 14 St Martens Crescent Blacktown. As a services NSW centre there is a number of additional services available as well as driving tests. These include things like birth certificates, marriage certificates, boating and fishing licences transactions you can do at this location.

Because of the many services available at this location it is often very busy so make sure you allow some extra time. As well as driving tests you can also do the Driver Knowledge Tests (DKT) and the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). 

Before you can obtain a full driving licence there are a number of tests you will need to complete.

  1. Driver Knowledge Test. You will need to complete an online knowledge test before being given a learner licence. This test concentrates on the road rules and you can do practice trial tests online.
  2. Hazard Perception test.  Again this is another online test. Using a touch screen computer you have to identify potential hazards and respond appropriately. You need to pass this test before you can book your actual driving test.

Driving Test Blacktown RMS

If you are considering doing the driving test Blacktown it will be conducted by the Roads and Maritime Services Blacktown. This is a busy test centre with about eight tests being conducted simultaneously. Which means there are lots of test tracks at Blacktown. So if you are not a confident driver and you are thinking of trying to memorise the test track you will have to remember a lot of test tracks.

Your driving test will be scheduled to last 45 minutes, however you do have to complete the test track. This means that your test may take longer than 45 minutes. You will still drive around the same test track as other learner drivers. However it may take longer due to traffic or road works. Which just means you will spend more time completing the test route.

Each test track takes on different streets and to different location. Which means you get tested on different things depending on the test track you are taken on. For example not all of the test tracks take you to the dual lane roundabout on Bungarribee Road and Flushcombe Road. If you are not familiar with this roundabout it is very busy and it has a set of traffic lights. Because most people are not used to traffic lights at roundabouts this can be a difficult situation to encounter in a driving test. The rules and operations of traffic lights at roundabouts do vary. For example the Blacktown one is different to the one located in Emu Plains.

Learn to drive driving school Blacktown specialises in preparing students to be safe drivers and pass the driving test at Blacktown RMS.

Book Driving Test Blacktown

When booking a driving test at Blacktown or any other test centre there are a couple of things you should consider:

Standard driving tests can be booked online and you can reschedule your driving test without paying a fee. You need to reschedule your test you need to do so two working days before the scheduled test date. If you want to use your driving instructors car for the test you will need to book the test on a day that your instructor is also available.

Disability Driving tests cannot be booked on line. You need to call the Roads & Maritime services to book these test. Your examiner needs to be specially trained to conduct these tests. This means there is a limited number of examiners so you need to book your test early. Learn to drive has a specially trained driving instructor and modified car for disability tests. We also have NDIS approved driving instructor.