Driving Instructors Londonderry

Learning to drive is a significant milestone in any persons life and finding the right driving instructors Londonderry is an import first step on your journey to being a great driver. Research shows that the quality of supervised driving plays a significant part in determining road safety outcomes. Hence it is important to get high quality driving instruction. Our driving instructors are highly qualified and they know how to prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving.


Best Driving Instructors Londonderry

We provide:

  • Full 1 hour lessons thus more time to practice.
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Exceptional pass rate
  • Dual control vehicles for maximum safety.
  • Package deals available.
  • All instructors RMS accredited.
  • Fully insured.
  • Modern manual and automatic cars.

Expert Driving Instructors Londonderry

All Learn to Drive instructors are fully accredited and highly experienced. In fact our driving instructors also undergo additional training, including Keys2Drive and Safer drivers courses.

Call 0408 545 917 to book your first lesson and get driving today!


Driving School Londonderry

We are a professional driving school that has been providing high quality driving lessons for many years. Each driving lesson is tailored to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your driving experience you will learn more and become a better driver with Learn to Drive.

3 for 1 Log Book Hours

For every 1 hour driving lesson you can record three hours in your log book.
  • A maximum of ten hours will be recorded as thirty hours in your log book.
  • Any additional driving lessons will be recorded as one hour in your log book.


Services provided by Learn to Drive in your area

  • Trial Driving Test
  • Use of car for driving test
  • FREE Keys2Drive Lesson
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Overseas licence conversions
  • Aged Driving Assessments
  • Automatic Driving Instructors
  • Manual Driving Instructors
  • Pick up & Drop off in Local area
  • NDIS approved provider

High Pass Rate

Learn to Drive has an exceptional pass rate for the P’s test. Anyone seeking to learn to drive in Londonderry should remember that driving is a lifelong pursuit. Too often learner drivers learn bad habits and then have to correct their driving later on. This is less than ideal and learners would greatly benefit from learning the correct techniques in the beginning. Rather than learning and developing bad habits over a sustained period of time.

We use the latest teaching methods and adapt each lesson to suit your individual learning style in a safe and professional manner.

driving instructors Londonderry


Affordable Driving School Londonderry

Learn to Drive offers students exceptional value, with the choice of purchasing lessons individually or in package deals. Students can choose the type of arrangement that works best for them. Each student receives a student record card which shows you what you have learnt and what you need to work on.


Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours