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Getting a drivers licence is a big event in any person’s life and finding the right Driving Instructors St Marys is the best decision you can make. Because a good driving instructor is the best person to teach you how to drive safely.

In addition you will get the latest tips and driving techniques that will help you pass the driving test and become a safer driver. In addition Learn to drive has been providing quality driving instructors St Marys for many years we know the local area.

Above all our driving instructors are highly qualified and passionate about teaching students the best road safety techniques.

Regardless of your skill level you will learn more with a Learn to Drive instructor and become a better driver. When you choose Learn to Drive you can relax in the knowledge you have made the right choice.


Professional Driving  Instructors St Marys

Learn Safe Driving Skills:  At Learn to drive we will teach you how to drive safely in a relaxed and stress free environment. In addition to learning how to drive safely you will also learn how to pass the driving test First Go!

Professional Driving Instructors:  At Learn to Drive all of our instructors are fully qualified and approved by Transport for NSW.

Local Driving Instructors:  Our local driving instructors have extensive experience in preparing students to pass the driving test in your area. We know how the local examiners mark the driving test and what they will test you on.

Package Deals available:  We offer a variety of driving lesson packages to suit your needs. You can purchase a lesson package online and then book your actual lesson times now or later on. You have complete control of when you book or reschedule your lessons.


3 for 1 Log Book Hours

Complete a 1 hour driving lesson with Learn to Drive and receive 3 log book hours.

Only available for your first 10 hours of professional driving lessons.

Complete 10 hours of driving lessons and receive 30 log book hours

Driving Lessons St Marys

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to driving. Therefore we adapt each driving lesson to suit your specific needs and skill levels. Because we adapt each lesson to your needs you will learn more and absorb more information. Which means you will notice a dramatic improvement in you knowledge and skill level as a driver.

Full 1 hour driving lessons:  All of our driving lessons allow you time to learn to drive as well as time to practice the things you learn during the lesson.

Modern Air-conditioned Cars:  It’s important to feel comfortable when learning to drive. When you are comfortable and relaxed you will learn more and develop your skills quicker

Dual Controls for your Safety:  It is reassuring to know that whilst your are learning to drive your instructor can help keep you safe if you make a mistake.

Full Comprehensive Insurance:  Research shows that when you are relaxed you will learn more. When learning to drive it is reassuring to know you have full comprehensive insurance

High Pass Rate:  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the driving test requirements will prepare you to pass the test first Go! Great instructors and local knowledge means you are guaranteed to learn how to drive safely.


Professional Driving Lessons St Marys

Automatic Driving Lessons St Marys: You can book a 1 or 2 hour lesson online. We pick up and drop off within the Liverpool area. You can be picked up or dropped off from a variety of locations including home, school, work, simply enter your preferred pickup or drop off location when making your booking.

Practice Driving Test St Marys: Conducted under exam conditions. Learn how the examiners mark the driving test. discover the tricks to passing the driving test from our driving instructors. Compare you driving to test standards.

Overseas license conversions: We have extensive experience in assisting overseas license holders pass the NSW driving test. Our professional driving instructors will guide you through each step of converting your overseas license to a NSW Drivers license.

Provisional Driving Test Package St Marys: This is a 2 hour package that includes a lesson and the use of our car for your driving test.

Older Driver Assessments: Complete your older driver assessment with Learn to Drive. Our Transport for NSW approved Older Driver Assessor will guide you through every step of the process.

Practice Driving Test St Marys NSW

Test your Driving Skills with Learn to Drive


Practice Driving Test: Conducted under exam conditions by your industry leading Learn To Drive driving instructor. Learn how the driving examiners mark the driving test. Compare your skills to the Transport for NSW driving test standards.

Local Instructors with Local Knowledge: Learn to Drive Driving instructors are experts in their local driving test areas. They know the local driving test routes and they understand the contents of the driving test as well as the marking criteria used by the local examiners. Take a practice driving test with Learn to Drive and uncover the secrets to passing your driving test.


Learn how the Driving Test is Marked: Did you know that the driving test is marked on 5 elements? Do you know what the fail items are in your driving test? Don’t be stressed on the day of the test wondering what you will be marked on or what you can fail for!


Driving Test Preparation: Are ready for the driving test? Have you covered all of the learning objectives and driving skills that you can be tested on? Now it’s time to take a Practice Driving Test with Learn to Drive and compare your driving skills to the standards required by Transport for NSW.


NDIS Driving Lessons St Marys

NDIS Approved Driving Lessons: We provide driving lessons for NDIS participants with learning and physical difficulties. Each specialized driving lesson is specifically designed for your specific needs. We have fully qualified instructors in rehabilitation training. Our NDIS provider number is 4050008943.

OT Driving Assessments: We provide driving assessments with qualified Occupational Therapists for NDIS participants, icare, insurance companies. If you need an Occupational Therapist to prepare a report call us on 0408 545 917.

Modified Driving Lessons: We have fully modified cars for drivers with physical difficulties including:

Basic Spinner knob

Electronic spinner knobs,

Left foot accelerator

Traditional Pull Push Hand Controls

Hand Controls with trigger accelerator

Hand Controls with satellite accelerator


When you take a lesson with learn to drive one of the things you will notice is how much you learn during the lesson. It does not matter what level you’re driving is at, we will tailor our lessons to suit your individual needs. You can tell us what you want to learn or we can evaluate your driving and let you know what you need to learn. Our driving instructors have extensive experience with the various test locations in your area.


Automatic Driving Lessons St Marys

At Learn to drive Driving School we provide automatic driving lessons in the St Marys service area including nearby suburbs. In addition to standard driving lessons, we also provide practice driving tests and NDIS driving lessons in the St Mary’s area.

Services provided by Learn to Drive in your area

  • Trial Driving Test
  • Use of car for driving test
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Overseas licence conversions
  • Aged Driving Assessments
  • Automatic Driving Instructors
  • Pick up & Drop off in Local area
  • NDIS approved driving lessons


Best Driving Lessons

Research proves the quality of driving instruction you receive plays an important role in determining how good a driver you will become. All our driving instructors are fully qualified and they also undertake additional training. This ensures they are up to date with the latest teaching methods. It makes them better instructors, which means you learn more.

Our St Marys Driving Lesson Prices are:


Single Lesson 1 Hours$77Buy
Double Lesson 2 Hours$154Buy
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Driving Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
(4 Hours)


Each driving lesson goes for one hour to ensure you have enough time to learn more things. In addition you will have time to practice the things you have learnt.

Driving lessons are conducted one on one to ensure you receive individual attention that focuses on you and your driving. Be wary of other instructors who put two students in the car at a time. They spend half their time teaching someone else.

At Learn to Drive driving school, all of our instructors are approved by Transport for NSW. Therefore you receive 3 log book hours for each one hour driving lesson up to a maximum of 10 hours of professional driving lessons.

Single Driving Lesson St Marys

A single driving lesson in St Marys is a great way to begin your journey to a lifetime of safe driving and passing the driving test. Whether you have never driven a car before or you are about to do the driving test you will be surprised at how mush you learn. For more information on what to expect in your first driving lesson with learn to drive read our blog “First Driving Lesson Expectations”.

driving instructors st marys


Book Online with Learn to Drive for professional driving lesson St Marys

Experienced Driving School St Marys

Learn to Drive Driving School St Marys has been providing quality driving instructors in the St Marys area for years. We have a proven track record of preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving, as well as getting students ready to pass the driving test first go. When you take a lesson with us we guarantee you will have an instructor that knows the local area and is fully accredited by the Transport for NSW.

  • Cert. IV Driving Instruction Car
  • Cert. IV Training and Assessment
  • Working with Children Certificate
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator Module 1
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach Module 2
  • Transport for NSW approved aged driving Assessor
  • Rehabilitation trained driving instructor
  • Curtin University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum”
  • Western Sydney University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum”

Choosing a Driving School in St Marys

the biggest decision you will make when learning to drive is finding the best driving instructor in St Marys. Research shows that the quality of instruction you receive plays a significant role in determining how good you become as a driver.

Make sure you get the right driving instructor to teach you how to drive in St Marys.

Driving Instructor John Fitzpatrick
Driving instructor since 2012
1 hour lesson = 3 Log book Hours 
Working with Children Certificate
Driving Instructors Licence
Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator
Safer Driver Course Module 2 Coach
Approved Older Driver Assessor
NDIS approved Driving Instructor
Qualified Rehabilitation Driving Instructor
John’s Automatic Car
John's Car Mazda 3
Mazda 3
Small hatch back. Ideal for performing reverse parallel parking in the driving test.


The car is fitted with dual controls and is fully maintained to Transport for NSW standards.


You can hire John’s car for the driving test.


John is available for Driving Lessons and Driving Test’s in the Penrith, Richmond, Springwood, and St Marys service areas.
Driving Instructor Michael Tolhurst
Professional Driving Instructor since 2015
1 hour driving lesson = 3 Log Book Hours
Working with children Certificate
Driving instructor Licence
Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator
Safer Drivers Course Module 2 Coach
Michael’s Automatic Car
Mazda 2
Michael’s car is very easy to drive. Ideal for performing reverse parallel parking and three point turns in the driving test.
The car is fitted with dual controls and fully maintained to the driving test standards
Michael is available for Driving Lessons and Driving Tests in Penrith, Richmond, Springwood and St Marys service areas


Student Reviews for Learn to Drive

Tyler Finn
My instructor Michael was incredibly helpful at teaching me not only the basics but the technical aspects of how to navigate the roads, and over the lessons I was able to become a better driver because of it. I was able to pass my P’s test first try and the lessons were a big reason for it. Would highly recommend.


Lavanya Suresh
John, you knew how stressful the whole situation was for me and you helped me through the process So very patiently. Aside from being a fantastic instructor & giving me reasons why things have to be done a certain way, you objectively guided me through the final day, and stood by me until the very end. You’re a Rockstar!! And to anyone who asks me in the future, I would have zero hesitation in recommending this place, they’d be lucky to have you guide them .


Nadine Swanson
Michael is a fantastic teacher! I was an extremely nervous driver. Michael helped to build and extend my driving skills within my comfort level. He was calm. patient and knowledgeable. I could not recommend him highly enough.

You can see more reviews from our students on Google reviews and Facebook.