Driving School Doonside

If you choose our Driving School at Doonside you are on the right path to become a confident and safe driver. So, if that is your goal, investing in a reputable Driving School makes total sense. Here at Learn to Drive we specialize in preparing you for a lifetime of safe driving. Because your safety on the roads is most important, we are determined to teach you all you need to know to pass your test. Above all, choosing Learn to Drive Driving School will give you:

  • Full 1 hour lessons. 
  • RMS accredited instructors
  • Modern, fully insured cars 
  • Dual controls for your safety
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Package deals available
  • Exceptional pass Rate

Your nearest test centre is at Blacktown. We have been preparing students to pass the driving test at Blacktown for many years.

Our Doonside Driving Lesson Prices are:

Single Lesson $55
Basic Package (Three Lessons) $159
Safe Driving Package (Five Lessons) $260
Comprehensive Driving Package (Ten Lessons) $500
Trial Test $75

Driving Lessons

Choosing driving lessons with Learn to Drive will guarantee you a full 1 hour lesson. Therefore we can promise that we won’t waste your time. Similarly, we have a proven record of providing informative and interesting lesson to all our students. Also, we tailor our lessons to suit your specific needs. As a result, you will learn more and become a better, safer and more confident driver. Considering this, you will have a great experience and get better value lessons for your money.

Driving Instructors Doonside

Our Driving Instructors at Doonside are highly trained and we are professionals in our field. At Learn to Drive our instructors are recommended for their knowledge. We specialize in road safety and teaching students how to be better and safer drivers. In addition, our instructors possess vast local knowledge that is invaluable to you when it comes to passing your driving test. Whether you choose to do the driving test at Blacktown or Castle Hill we will make sure you are ready to pass the test first go!

When you have a good driving instructor you learn more and become more confident on the roads. Therefore, choosing one of our instructors will guarantee that your skill levels increase and and we will make sure that you get on the right path to passing your driving test.