Learn to Drive Driving School

Driving School Fairfield

Welcome to our Driving School Fairfield. At Learn to Drive We have been teaching students to drive for many years. Over that time we have built up an extensive knowledge of what you need to know to pass the driving test. The best person to teach you to drive is a driving instructor. Whether you are just starting to drive or in the final stages of preparing for the driving test we have a comprehensive lesson plan to suit your needs.

Learn to Drive Driving School will help you become a better driver by focusing on the things you need to learn. Everyone has different levels of experience as well as different strengths and weaknesses. Because of that we have great instructors who can assess your driving and identify the areas that need improvement. Then with our exclusive Better Way Training program we will provide you with the structured lesson plan that suits your needs. That way you will learn more in the lesson as well as learning how to pass the driving test.

Above all, choosing Learn to Drive Driving School will give you:

  • Full 1 hour lessons. 
  • RMS accredited instructors
  • Modern, fully insured cars 
  • Dual controls for your safety
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Package deals available
  •   Exceptional pass Rate

Call 0408 545 917 and Learn to Drive in a relaxed and stress FREE environment

Driving Lessons Fairfield

Learning to drive should be fun. In fact you will learn more and become a better driver when you are relaxed and enjoy driving. That is why we make sure each driving lesson is stress free and relaxed because you will learn more. In addition to that we provide interesting and varied driving lessons that focus on the things you need to learn. Because this will give you the practice you need to become a better driver and pass the driving test. Regardless of your experience or skill level we have a structured lesson plan to suit your specific needs and learning requirements.

Services provided by Learn to Drive in your area

  • Trial Driving Test
  • Use of car for driving test
  • FREE Keys2Drive Lesson
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Overseas licence conversions
  • Aged Driving Assessments
  • Automatic Driving Instructors
  • Manual Driving Instructors
  • Pick up & Drop off in Local area
  • NDIS approved provider

Our Fairfield driving lesson prices are:

Single Lesson Auto 1 hour$65Buy
Double Lesson Auto 2 Hours$130Buy
Introductory Package Auto (3 Hours)$192Buy
Safe Driving Package Auto (5 Hours)$310
Better Way Driving Package (10 Hours)$610Buy
Practice Driving Test (1 Hour)$75Buy
Test Package Auto (2 Hours)$199Buy
City Drive Auto (4 Hours)$345Buy

Local Driving Instructors

It is important to get a driving instructor that you can learn from. That means they need to be a good instructor and you need to feel comfortable when you are learning to drive. Because you will learn more when you are relaxed and have an instructor who can explain things to you in a calm manner. That is why we have Local driving instructors with extensive experience in the Fairfield area. They know where to take you for the best lessons as well as preparing you to pass the driving test first go.

Our local driving instructors have extensive experience and knowledge on how to pass the driving test at a variety of test locations in Western Sydney. To learn more about your nearest test location please read our blog on Wetherill Park RMS test Centre.

Some driving instructors certificates and qualifications include:

  • Cert. IV Driving Instruction Car
  • Cert. IV Training and Assessment
  • Working with Children Certificate
  • Keys2Drive approved
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator Module 1
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach Module 2
  • RMS approved Driving Instructor
  • RMS approved aged driving Assessor
  • Heavy Vehicle Licence
  • Rehabilitation trained driving instructor
  • Curtin University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum”
  • Western Sydney University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum”

We can also pick you up for your lesson or drop you off after the lesson from any location in your local area. You need to arrange the pick up and drop off locations when you book your lesson.