Driving School Glenmore ParkDriving School Glenmore Park

Learn To Drive Driving School Glenmore Park has been providing high quality professional driving instructors in the Glenmore Park area for many years. We have a highly successful track record of guiding learner drivers in their journey to driving solo on their Provisional drivers licence.

Learn to Drive in a relaxed and stress free environment with our industry leading professional driving instructors. Because our driving instructors at Learn to Drive Driving School Glenmore Park live in the local area, they have extensive knowledge of the local driving test requirements.


Comprehensive Driving Services in Glenmore Park: Lessons, Tests, and Safety Courses

Automatic Driving Lessons Glenmore Park:  You can book a 1 or 2 hour lesson online. We pick up and drop off within the Glenmore Park, Penrith area. You can be picked up or dropped off from a variety of locations including home, school, work, simply enter your preferred pickup or drop off location when making your booking.

Practice Driving Tests:  Conducted under exam conditions. Learn how the examiners mark the driving test. discover the tricks to passing the driving test from our driving instructors. Compare you driving to test standards.

Overseas License Conversions:  We have extensive experience in assisting overseas license holders pass the NSW driving test. Our professional driving instructors will guide you through each step of converting your overseas license to a NSW Drivers license.

Provisional Driving Test Packages:  This is a 2 hour package that includes a lesson and the use of our car for your driving test.

Older Driver Assessments Glenmore Park:  Complete your older driver assessment with Learn to Drive. Our Transport for NSW approved Older Driver Assessor will guide you through every step of the process.

NDIS Approved Driving Lessons Glenmore Park:  We provide driving lessons for NDIS participants with learning and physical difficulties. Each specialized driving lesson is specifically designed for your specific needs. We have fully qualified instructors in rehabilitation training.

Defensive Driving Course :  Once you have mastered the basics of driving it is time to learn how to drive defensively. Avoiding driving hazards and navigating potentially dangerous situations is a skill every driver should have.


Driving Lessons Glenmore Park

Whether you are taking your first driving lesson in Glenmore Park or just about to do the driving test we will help you become a better driver.

Students can relax in the knowledge that each driving lesson is designed to meet your individual learning needs. Because we have the best driving instructors and a great training program you are assured of learning more and becoming a better driver.

What to expect in your first driving lesson in Glenmore Park

It does not matter if you have never driven before or you have completed many hours of driving in a variety of road condition. Our exclusive Better Way training program allows us to adapt each driving lesson to suite your individual needs. Regardless of your level of driving experience or confidence levels you will be surprised at how much you learn.

Obviously the experience and skill levels of the learner driver will determine their needs from the driving lesson. That is why our structured driving lesson plans allow us to adapt each lesson to meet the needs of each individual learner driver.

One Hour Lesson – Beginner
  • Your driving instructor will pick you up from your agreed location.
  • Check your learner licence and fill in your log book if you have one.
  • If you live in a busy area we will take you to a quiet stress FREE location.
  • In your first lesson you can expect your instructor to cover the basic controls of the car.
  • Then you will learn how to steer properly.
  • Then you will learn how perform left and right turns and basic cornering.


 Adapting each driving lesson to suite your needs ensures you learn more with Learn to Drive

One Hour Lesson – Intermediate
  • Your driving instructor will pick you up from your agreed location.
  • Check your learner licence and fill in your log book.
  • You instructor will evaluate your driving. You will be assessed on your steering, road position and decision making in a variety of marked and unmarked roads and intersections.
  • Then you driving instructor will provide you with constructive feedback identifying any areas that require improvement.
  • Most learner drivers will have elements of their steering, road position and decision making that requires correction and improvement.
  • Your driving instructor will guide you through each element and let you know what you need to practice.
  • Decision making and gap selection for roundabouts, intersections and complex situations.
  • Introduction to low risk driving techniques and strategies such as crash avoidances spaces, buffering, speed management, gap selection, scanning and elements of defensive driving.
  • At the end of your first lesson we will complete your log book if required and you will receive 3 Log Book Hours for your first professional driving lesson

Learning to Drive is an important milestone in anyone’s life. Finding the right driving school to guide you through the process is an important first step on your journey to the freedom of the open road.

Why Choose Learn to Drive Driving School Glenmore Park

Choosing the right driving school plays a big role in determining how good you will be at driving.  Students looking for the best driving school in Glenmore Park should choose Learn To Drive because we offer:

Full One hour Lesson: To ensure you get the most out of each lesson you need to have time to practice the things you learn. You should avoid driving lessons that are too short or instructors who turn up late or finish the lesson early.

Fully Qualified local instructors: You deserve a fully qualified driving instructor that knows the local area. If you are preparing for a driving test in Penrith, you want a driving instructor that knows how to pass the test in Penrith.

Dual control vehicles for your safety: The dual controls on the instructors car works better than the hand brake in a car. That means the driving instructor can allow you more time to make decisions and practice driving without compromising your safety.

Package deals available: When you have a good driving instructor and a good driving school you might as well save some money. Our package deals allow you to save some money and have complete control over when you book your lessons. You can buy the package and book the lessons or you can book the lessons later.

Exceptional pass rate: When you have been teaching people to drive for as long as we have you become very good at it. Then when you undertake additional training you get even better at teaching students to drive.


Driving School Glenmore Park

Services provided by Learn to Drive Driving School Glenmore Park

      • Practice Driving Test
      • Use of car for driving test
      • Refresher Lessons
      • Overseas licence conversions
      • Aged Driving Assessments
      • Automatic Driving Instructors
      • Manual Driving Instructors
      • Pick up & Drop off in Local area
      • NDIS approved Driving Lessons

To learn more about why you should choose Learn to Drive please read our blog to learn more about our Better Way Training Program.


Best Driving School Glenmore Park

As well as highly qualified driving instructors we also offer the best value driving lessons for Glenmore Park. Value is determined by how much you learn and how good you become as a driver. When you take a driving lesson with Learn To Drive you will get a full one hour lesson, you will learn more and become a much better driver.

It is important to consider how much you learn during your lesson. It addition you need to learn the correct way to drive safely. Too often students pay for driving lessons but don’t actual learn how to be better drivers.


Best Value Driving lessons Glenmore Park

Driving Lessons Glenmore Park

We provide interesting and informative driving lessons in Glenmore Park to help you become a safer driver. All lessons are conducted in a relaxed and stress free environment, so that you can enjoy Learning to drive.

Regardless of your level of experience or confidence you will learn more and become a better driver with Learn to Drive. Each driving lesson is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Learn to Drive Driving Lesson Prices in Glenmore Park

Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours

Local Driving Instructors Glenmore Park

Learn To Drive Driving School takes great pride in ensuring each instructor is fully qualified and familiar with the local area. With this local knowledge we are able to ensure you learn how to become safe driver, as well as learning how to pass the driving test on the first attempt.

All Learn To Drive Instructors undertake additional training to ensure they maintain the highest standards. When you Learn To Drive make sure you choose the best local instructors at Learn To Drive Driving School.

What do our students say about Learn to Drive

Eliza – Would recommend to anyone
I had an amazing experience with Learn to Drive, I passed my P’s test First try and they made sure I was prepared and confident. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a driving school .

Anum – Most skilled Driving Instructor
John is honestly the most skilled driving instructor I have had, extremely patient and willing to explain and rationalise everything, I passed on my first go!

Caitlin – Highly recommend
Very good service, made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. Highly recommend.

Alison – Patient and helpful instructors
Paul and Michael are both lovely, patient and helpful instructors. Both have helped me a ton. Thoroughly recommended

Lakshmi – amazing teacher
Michael is an amazing teacher who is calm, friendly and gives very practical techniques for avoiding mistakes. I found my driving lessons very useful and passed my test the first time after lessons with him!

Natali Kur – Professional, friendly and patient instructor
Thank you so much Michael. You are a professional, friendly and patient instructor. Michael very clearly explained to me small but important points that helped me to pass the test. I would recommend to all my friends


Driving Instructors Glenmore Park

Driving Instructor Michael Tolhurst
Professional Driving Instructor since 2015
1 hour driving lesson = 3 Log Book Hours
Working with children Certificate
Driving instructor Licence
Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator
Safer Drivers Course Module 2 Coach
Michael’s Car
Mazda 2
Michael’s car is very easy to drive. Ideal for performing reverse parallel parking and three point turns in the driving test.
The car is fitted with dual controls and fully maintained to the driving test standards
Michael is available for Driving Lessons and Driving Tests in Penrith, Richmond, Springwood and St Marys service areas


Driving Instructor John Fitzpatrick
Driving instructor since 2012
1 hour lesson = 3 Log book Hours 
Working with Children Certificate
Driving Instructors Licence
Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator
Safer Driver Course Module 2 Coach
Approved Older Driver Assessor
NDIS approved Driving Instructor
Qualified Rehabilitation Driving Instructor
John’s Automatic Car

Mazda 2 small hatch back. Ideal for performing reverse parallel parking in the driving test

John’s Manual Car
Mazda 2 hatchback 6 speed manual car. This car is perfect for the driving test and easy to learn reverse parallel parking in.