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Driving School Penrith

If you are looking for the best Driving School Penrith, then Learn to Drive is an excellent option for you. Research proves that the quality of the teacher has a huge impact on the student. When you choose Learn to drive you get great driving instructors and our exclusive Better Way training program.

Here are our Penrith driving lesson prices and packages:


Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours


Why choose Learn To Drive Driving School

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  • Full 1 hour lesson
  • Fully accredited driving instructors
  • Dual controls for your safety
  • Exceptional pass rate
  • Package deals available
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Modern Automatic & Manual cars
  • Fully Insured
  • Exclusive Better Way training program


Best Driving School Penrith

There are many factors that determine how good a driving school actually is.  To be a good driving school you need to have a good training program that includes structured driving lessons and you need to have good driving instructors.

Whilst many claim to be the best, the reality is that title can only be held by one driving school. There are a few reasons why we believe our school is the best.

First of all a great driving school needs to have a great driver training program. When you pay for driving lessons you want to make sure that you learn to drive properly. We have spent many years developing and testing our Better Way training program and we know it works.

When you take your first driving lesson with learn to Drive you will be assessed by a highly qualified driving instructor. At the end of your lesson you will receive a student record card. Which shows you everything you need to know to drive safely and pass the driving tests First Go! In addition you will see how your driving compares to the standards required by the Transport for NSW.

Look at the various driving schools and compared the qualifications and experience of their driving instructors. See who is best qualified to teach you to drive. Then look at their driver training program and see if their training program actually covers everything you need to know.

When you do this you will soon discover that many schools only have minimal qualifications and very few driving schools actually have a driver training program. Then compare the driving schools that are left and you will find we provide the best value for money.


Professional Driving Instructors Penrith

At Learn to drive we believe in having the best trained driving instructors possible. Before making your decision find out if the driving instructor is qualified to teach the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course.

Student record cards: When you take  driving lessons with Learn to drive we use student record cards to keep track of what you have learnt as well as what you need to learn. This will ensure we cover everything to prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving as well as being able to pass the driving test.

The professional driving instructors at Learn to Drive are highly experienced and fully qualified.  They also possess vast local knowledge which will be invaluable to you when it comes time to do your driving test. At Learn to drive we are committed to road safety and teaching you how to be a safe driver. Because of that you will find that our instructors also undertake additional training such as the Safer Driver Course.

Students of this driving school never have to walk away dissatisfied. Amazing customer service is a big priority at Learn to Drive Driving School. If you want a driving school that puts your happiness and needs first, then you’ve found the right place.

 Affordable Driving School Penrith

Learn to Drive Driving School is also highly affordable. If you’re looking for great value for money Learn to Drive Driving School just can’t be beat.

Our exclusive Better Way training program allows us to adapt each lesson to meet your specific needs. That way you learn what you need to learn, instead of wasting your time going over things you already know.

The best value is to learn more in a lesson, then you will not need as many lessons. We guarantee that you will earn more in an hour with Learn to Drive.


Driving School Penrith