Richmond RMS

Richmond RMS is located in the Services NSW building at 5/173 Windsor Street, Richmond NSW. As a registered test centre you can do the following at this location

  1. Driver’s Knowledge Test
  2. Hazard Perception Test
  3. Driving Tests
  4. Disability Driving Tests
  5. Mobility Parking Scheme applications
  6. Motor Vehicle Registration Transactions

Driving Test Richmond

If you are thinking of doing a driving test at Richmond you can do a trial driving test with Learn to Drive. This will help if you learn what the examiners are looking for and how they mark the driving test. Our local driving instructors specialise in preparing students to drive safely and pass the driving test at Richmond. Because we know the local area and will get you ready to pass the driving test at Richmond.

With multiple test tracks each test route will test you on different things. You will find that many of the roads are wider in Richmond than other suburbs which means more required observation checks. You will come across situations at Richmond that are different to other test centres. During your driving test you have to drive to the conditions of the road.

To learn how to pass the driving test at Richmond and become a safer driver take a lesson with Learn to Drive Richmond.

Book Driving Test Richmond

At Richmond you can book a number of tests including

  1. Driver Knowledge Test. This is a computer based test. You will be asked 45 questions that you need to pass before being issued a Learner Licence
  2. Hazard Perception Test. This is another computer based test. You will be tested on your ability to recognise potentially hazardous situations and how you react to them. If you do not react appropriately to the situation that would be dangerous and you will fail the test. If you do the Safer Driver Course you will learn more about this and it will help you pass this test.
  3. Driving Test: The driving test is scheduled to last for 45 minutes. It may take more or less time depending on traffic. Your driving test is also a hazard perception test. You need to apply safe driving techniques in a variety of real life situations. If you do anything that is dangerous or illegal you will be failed in this test.

RTA Richmond

Because The Roads and Traffic authority and the Maritime Services merged in 2011 to form the Roads and Maritime Services. It is the RMS that conducts the driving tests at Richmond.

The driving test at Richmond starts in East Market Street. There is parking provided for learner drivers who are doing the driving test. Make sure you bring your drivers licence, booking confirmation slip, application form and Log Book if you are under 25 years old. If you do not have the correct paperwork you may be unable to do the test.

How long is the driving test

Each driving test is estimated to last 45 minutes regardless of which driving test track you are allocated. Richmond like other test centres has multiple test routes. You must complete your assigned test route before your test can be marked. This means that the test make take more or less than the allocated time, depending on traffic or road works.

If you are doing a disability driving test the actual driving test is conducted on the same test tracks as any other driving test and will take the same amount of time. However when you complete the driving test your new licence will also have to be approved by the medical unit of the Roads & Maritime Services. As a result it will take longer and you should allow an extra 45 minutes.

Richmond Driving Test Route

Each test route in Richmond takes you on different roads and test you on different things. It is not possible to know in advance which test route you will get or what you will be tested on. During the test you may be tested on reverse parallel parking or three point turns, but you will not be tested on both. Which means you will need know how to drive properly in order to pass your test. Because each driving test contains different hazards and difficult sections it is best to take a lesson from a local driving instructor that knows the local area.

Learn to drive Richmond also offers trial driving tests. Each trial test incorporates multiple sections of the different test tracks. We take you to the various sections that students have difficulty with. This means we cover the main fail items for Richmond driving tests.