RMS Liverpool

The RMS Liverpool is the place to go to get your drivers licence in the Liverpool area. As the Roads & Maritime Services is the agency of the New South Wales Government that is responsible for managing the safety for roads and waterways in NSW. This means they are responsible for all things relating to

  • Licences: Including tests for Car drivers licences, Heavy Vehicle licences and motorcycle licences.
  • Licence Suspensions and disqualifications.
  • Motor Vehicle Registrations.
  • Road Tolls including issuing tollway tags.
  • Motor Vehicle Registrations.

The RMS is located in the Liverpool Services NSW Centre at The Megacenta Liverpool, 2-20 Orange Grove Road Liverpool. When this centre opened in 2014 it was the largest service centre ever opened by the NSW Government. As such you will need to make sure you book your driving test early to ensure you get the time and day that suits you. This is particularly true during school holidays when there is a high number of learner drivers who want to do their driving test.

The Roads & Maritime Services has a Graduated Licensing System in New South Wales. Which means you will need to complete a number of steps to get your drivers licence. Therefore it is important that you understand what you need to do. Because Liverpool is an approved test location for driving licences you can do all your driving tests through this branch as well as other driving related transactions including:

  • Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)
  • Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
  • Driving Test
  • Aged Driving Test
  • Disability Licence Test
  • Mobility Parking Scheme Cards
  • Motor Vehicle Registrations
  • Because their is a graduated licensing system in NSW you will have to complete a number of steps on your journey to getting a full drivers licence

Please Note in 2011 the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) was merged together with NSW Maritime to form the Roads & Maritime Services. All services and functions previously performed by these two different government authorities are now covered by the RMS.

RMS Driving Test Liverpool

If you are considering doing your driving test Learn to Drive Liverpool can help you with all aspects of your driving. Our local driving instructors have extensive experience in the area and we know what the examiners are looking for. Therefore we can get you ready for the test.

Because Liverpool is a very large and busy location there are a lot of different test tracks. Each test track takes you on different roads to test you at different intersections, roundabouts and traffic lights. Each test track requires you to demonstrate safe driving skills under different road conditions. Furthermore you might be tested on reverse parallel parking or three point turns. But you will not be tested on both of these manoeuvres. You can take a driving lesson or do a trial test with your local Learn To Drive Liverpool driving instructor.

Booking your Driving Test Liverpool

Driving tests can book booked online, over the phone or in person at any Service NSW centre. Before you can book the driving test you will need to complete the Hazard Perception Test. If you have not passed the Hazard Perception Test and you go online to book your driving test the computer will automatically default to the Hazard Perception Test. Unfortunately a lot of people do not read the screen properly and mistakenly book the wrong test. So make sure you book the correct test. You do not want to turn up on the day to do the driving test only to find out you have booked the Hazard Perception Test instead of the driving test. This happens more than you would think.

When you book your driving test you will be charged a fee. This fee is for the test and when you pass the test you will be charged another fee for your new provisional drivers licence.

Note: There are exemptions to driving test fees for pensioners and concession card holders.

How long is the driving test

Each driving test is scheduled to last for 45 minutes, some of this time is used by the testing officer for paperwork and a safety check of the vehicle. If you are using your own car make sure that it will pass the safety check conducted prior to your test. You can expect to drive for about 30 to 35 minutes during your driving test.

You can prepare for the driving test by taking a driving lesson in Liverpool or doing a trial driving test with Learn To Drive Driving School.