RMS Wetherill Park

The RMS Wetherill Park is where you will have to go for all matters relating to getting a driving license or registering a motor car. The Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) is the agency of the New South Wales Government that is responsible for roads and waterways in the great state of New South Wales which includes:

  1. Issuing Drivers Licences
  2. Licence Suspensions and disqualification
  3. Motor Vehicle Registrations and transfers
  4. Driving Tests
  5. Tollway tags
  6. Motor Vehicle Registrations

The Roads & Maritime Services uses a graduated licencing system in NSW. This means you have to complete a number of steps to get a full driving licence and each step can be done at the Wetherill Park test centre. This includes

  1. Drivers Knowledge Test
  2. Hazard Perception Test
  3. Driving Test for P1 Licence
  4. Aged Driving Test
  5. Disability Driving Test

The Roads & Maritime Services Wetherill Park is located at the Wetherill Park Services centre, Greenway Plaza, on Tthe corner of The Horsley Drive and Elizabeth Street, Wetherill Park.

In 2011 the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) was merged with NSW Maritime for the Roads & Maritime Services. All services previously covered by the RTA is now available at the RMS Wetherill Park

Driving Test Wetherill Park

Learn to Drive can help you with your driving test at Wetherill Park. Our Local Driving Instructors have extensive knowledge of the local area and know what the examiners are looking for in the driving test. We also offer trial tests where you can learn how the examiners mark the driving test.

Wetherill Park has a variety of test tracks which means you will not know in advance what you will be tested on. Each test track test you on different roads which includes different intersections, roundabouts and traffic lights. In addition to this the different roads have different road markings and street signs. If you are new to the Wetherill Park area you will notice that the roads have different markings and signs to other nearby test locations. This means you will need to be able to drive safely and follow the road rules so that you can pass the test on a variety of test tracks at Wetherill Park.

Booking your Driving Test

Driving tests can be booked online, over the phone or in person at your local Roads & Maritime Services Office. Due to the Graduated Licensing System you need to understand what stage of the licensing process you are at in order to book the correct test. You need to complete the Hazard Perception Test before you can book the driving test.

Unfortunately some people think they have booked a driving test when in fact they booked the Hazard Perception Test. Then they turn up on the day with a car to do a driving test only to discover that they have not booked the driving test.

It is important when booking your driving test to consider what car you will use for the test. The Roads & Maritime Services do not provide cars for the test. If you are planning on using your driving instructors car for the test you will need to coordinate the date and time of the test with your driving instructor.

When you book your driving test you will be charged a fee. That fee covers the cost of doing the driving test. When you pass your driving test you will be charged another fee for your new drivers licence. There are exemptions to driving test fees for pensioners and concession card holders.

Need help passing the test or for more information about Learn to Drive Wetherill Park?

How long is the driving test

Each driving test is designed to take 45 minutes. This includes time for the examiner to check your log book, licence details and conduct a roadworthy assessment of your vehicle prior to the test. Then mark your test and record the results on the computer at the end of the test. Usually the driving component of your test will take about 30 to 35 minutes. However it may take more or less time depending on the traffic at the time of your test. If your test takes longer than the 45 minutes you did not drive any further during your test. It just means you spent more time in traffic.

You need to complete your driving test in order to pass the test. So if you do get a test that goes over 45 minutes don’t panic you are just experiencing heavier traffic or road works.