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NDIS Driving Lessons

Are you looking for NDIS Driving Lessons? At Learn to Drive we an approved provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Provider number 4050008943).

Being able to drive is essential in our modern world and people with disabilities deserve a tailored approach to their specific requirements. Learn to Drive Driving School stands as a beacon in the industry, offering comprehensive NDIS-funded driving lessons. We will support and guide you through the process of gaining a NSW Drivers licence.

Our highly trained NDIS approved driving instructor is fully qualified in driver rehabilitation. We have nationally recognized qualifications in Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation training.

By regularly working with occupational therapists to conduct on road driving assessments. This allows us to keep up to date with the latest assessment and rehabilitation techniques. In addition we develop driver training programs to meet your specific needs.

Specialized Driver Training Programs

Embark on a Journey Tailored to Your Needs

At Learn to drive Driving School our NDIS approved driving instructor has extensive experience and a proven track record with a long list of learning difficulties including: Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairments, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks Disorder.

As the on-road driving assessor for Nepean and Blue Mountains Local Health District I work extensively in the Penrith, Richmond, Hawkesbury, and Blue Mountains area conducting on-road driving assessments with Occupational Therapists from Nepean Hospital.

I have had the opportunity to learn from leading health care professionals over many years. Gaining extensive experience and knowledge on how to design and implement rehabilitation programs for leading health care professionals.

Each driver faces different challenges when learning to drive with a disability. As such each driver needs a training program that meets their unique circumstances. Which makes it extremely important to work with a highly trained and experienced professional who can adapt and implement a rehabilitation driver training program that meets your specific needs.


Vehicle Modifications: Beyond the Basics

There are quite a few types of vehicle modifications available for a variety of physical impairments. As an elite driving instructor in the disability sector, I have been teaching people to drive modified vehicles for many years.

Whilst some driving schools will have multiple instructors and cars with some modifications but not other modifications. We have fully modified car.

At St Joseph’s hospital I conducted on-road driving assessments with many different Occupational Therapists using a variety of hand controls, left foot accelerators and spinner knobs from problem management engineering.

Most driving instructors in the disability sector have only used a small range of vehicle modifications. I have used many different types of vehicle modifications myself and taught many students to use different types of modifications.

Therefore, I am in the unique position of being able to guide you through the process selecting the right vehicle modifications for you.


Extensive Instructor Training Under NDIS Guidelines


Having been an approved provider of NDIS Specialised Driving Lessons since 2018 we have extensive experience all things NDIS.

As you can imagine NDIS Specialised Driving Lessons are available to participants with many different learning and physical difficulties.

By working with NSW Health through St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, St Joseph’s Hospital Auburn, and Nepean Hospital Penrith, we have been able to learn from the best.

As a result, our understanding of various medical conditions and advanced training programs means we provide a superior rehabilitation training program.


Recognition of outstanding driver training for drivers with learning and physical disabilities.

Whilst some driving schools will focus on chasing awards and accolades from unqualified people, we focus on gaining recommendations from industry leading experts in driver rehabilitation and training.

Being selected to work for St Vincent’s Hospital and St Joseph’s hospitals confirms our expertise and professionalism in providing quality driving rehabilitation and training.

By conducting on-road driving assessments and rehabilitation driver training for Nepean hospital for years, our knowledge and expertise continues to grow. In fact we have gained a great deal of knowledge conducting On-Road driving assessments with Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District over many years.

2018: I completed The Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation Course for Driving Instructors conducted by Dr Beth Cheal. Dr Cheal is a director of the Institute of Driver Health and a Lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.

2018: Completed Training with Curtain University for “Supporting student drivers on the autism spectrum”

2019: Worked with University of Western Sydney on their research program “Improving independence in driving for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder”



Unveiling Modified Vehicles Across Western Sydney

One of the reasons leading Occupational Therapists choose to work with Learn to Drive is our industry leading vehicle modifications.

When conducting an on-road driving assessment Occupational Therapists need to know that all disabilities can be tested and assessed properly. That means you need a vehicle that has all the different types of modifications, not just some modifications.

In addition, you need a highly experienced rehabilitation driving instructor who has a thorough knowledge and understanding of various medical conditions. Without the knowledge and appropriate modification’s, it is not possible to develop the correct rehabilitation plan.

We provide NDIS Driving Lessons to students with a variety of needs including:

Physical Impairments

Vision issues

Cognitive Deficits

Hearing loss


Age related impairments


Our modified vehicle includes a number of driving aides to suite a variety of needs including

Hand controls: This can be set up for the tradition pull push hand controls, trigger accelerator and satellite accelerator formats.

Spinner knobs: We have a variety of spinner knobs including electronic controls

Left foot accelerator.

Therefore we can cover a variety of physical impairments. It does not matter what your driving experience is, we will tailor our exclusive Better Way Training program to suit your specific needs.

We have been providing driving lessons in Western Sydney area for many years. When you take driving lessons with our school we will work with you to meet your specific needs. Our driving instructors have had a lot of experience in preparing drivers for a lifetime of safe driving.

How does NDIS driving lessons work?

If you or a member of your family have a disability you should contact the National Disability Insurance Scheme immediately. The will confirm your eligibility and decide what services you need. Funding from the NDIS is provided from Core Building Daily activities. We have extensive experience in dealing with the NDIS and many Local Area Coordinators.

The NDIS may require an on road assessment or a report from a driving instructor qualified in rehabilitation training. We provide assessments in both automatic and manual cars. Once you have set up an NDIS account we can then work out a plan to meet your specific requirements.

Specialised Driver Training NDIS

Participants in the NDIS can Learn to Drive with specialised training. Specifically trained in driver rehabilitation for people with learning and physical disabilities. We provide this service in many suburbs of Western Sydney. Please email us or call 0408 545 917 to discuss availability in your area.

NDIS Driving Lessons

Why NDIS Driving Lessons

Because we have the training and the expertise to get you driving including

    • Driving instructor qualified in driver rehabilitation
    • Modified cars for physical disabilities
    • Learn at your own pace
    • Dual control cars
    • Stress free
    • fully insured and approved by NDIS

NDIS approved driving Instructors

We have been NDIS approved since 2016 with driving instructors qualified in all aspects of driver rehabilitation. With specific training and qualifications to teach students with Learning and Physical disabilities are covered. We also have highly modified cars for a variety of physical disabilities including

Hand Controls with pull push and trigger accelerators.

Our vehicle is fitted with Total Ability’s Trigger accelerator and Brake lever model number FSK2005DLI02. The unique thing about our setup is that this device can also be used for traditional push braking and pull acceleration. Or you can use the fixed trigger accelerator.

Our hand controls can also be used with the corded Satellite accelerator. Which also comes in a cordless version for installation in your car.

Left Foot Accelerators: We use the Fadiel left foot accelerator in our vehicle.

Satellite accelerators: This allows you to accelerate using your left thumb. Thereby removing the need for a spinner know and allowing you to steer using two hands.

Spinner Knobs: We have a collection of standard spinner knobs for you to try.

Tri pin steering controls

Electronic Spinner Knobs: Again we have a couple of different electronic spinner knobs for you to try including the Lodgeson Lollipop and the quick release steering ball grip.

When you take a driving lesson with Learn to drive you can relax in the knowledge that we have the best driving instructors. All our driving instructors undergo additional training and have been fully trained on our exclusive Better Way Training Program