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Safer Drivers Course Penrith

The Safer Drivers Course Penrith has been specifically designed by leading road safety experts to help learner drivers safely transition to driving solo. By focusing on creating safe driving skills and improving your driving techniques.

The Learn to Drive Driving School in Penrith is an accredited provider of the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course. Penrith Learner Drivers who complete the Safer Drivers Course receive 20 hours of log book credits.

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Designed by leading road safety experts education professionals the course contains a lot of helpful information for learner drivers. The Course teaches young Penrith drivers under 25 years how to reduce road risks and therefore become safer drivers.

During the theoretical component of the course you will learn the various risks associated with driving. In addition you will learn the common crash types and effective ways of driving safely and avoiding dangerous situations whilst driving.

Are you looking for a Safer Driver Course that is interesting and informative? Would you like to learn how to avoid hazardous situations and become a Safer Driver?

At Learn to Drive we have professional driving instructors that will help you develop safe driving skills in an informative and engaging environment.

✅Identify Hazardous Driving Situations

✅Learn how to respond to Hazards

✅Improve your Hazard Perception Skills

✅Learn Low risk driving strategies


How Much Does the Penrith Safer Drivers Course Cost? 

The course costs $140 including GST. The course is subsidised by Transport for NSW.

How long does the Safer Drivers Course go for? 

The Safer Driver Course consists of 2 modules and combines a theoretical class and practical driving session over a 5-hour period.

What Are The Requirements for the Safer Driver Course?

There are 3 requirements for the course. They are: 

  1. You must hold a valid NSW Learners Licence.
  2. You must have completed a minimum of 50 Log Book hours of on road driving.
  3. Some night driving must be recorded in your log book.

Safer Driver Course Penrith Overview

The course will help Penrith Students to develop the techniques required to be a safer driver

  • Managing Speed.
  • Following safely.
  • The correct space to avoid a crash. 
  • Selecting the appropriate gap. 
  • Hazard perception.
  • Being a good Decision maker

What Are the Benefits of the Penrith Safer Drivers Course? 

Safe Following Distance

The most common crash is running into the vehicle in front of you. Most drivers believe that they maintain a Safe Following Distance. However many drivers find that they do not have enough time to stop in an emergency.

Learn how to:

✅Create a safe following distance.

✅Maintain a safe following distance.

✅Manage a Safe Following distance in whilst driving.

Safe Gap Selection

The most dangerous thing a driver can do is turn in front of an oncoming vehicle. Selecting a safe gap is an essential skill for all drivers.

A learner drivers ability to judge the speed and distance of other vehicles is in the learning phase.

Learn techniques and skills that will help you safely identify gaps without taking unnecessary risks

Hazard Perception

What is a driving Hazard?

How do I identify hazards whilst driving?

Developing the ability to effectively identify potentially hazardous situations is an essential skill required to drive safely.

✅Learn how to identify Hazards whilst driving.

✅Learn how to manage potentially Hazardous situations.

✅Improve your Hazard Perception.

Responding to Hazard

When you identify a Hazard on the road, you need to know the correct response. The wrong response can be dangerous.

Knowing how to respond to Hazards is a critical element of driving safely.

✅What can you do to reduce the risk of crashing

✅Learn different ways to respond to Hazards

✅Learn how to respond to Hazards

Decision Making

Everyday drivers make decisions that have a direct impact on their safety.

Learning how to make good decisions is an important skill for Learner Drivers to develop.

✅Learn how to apply road rules

✅Planning your decisions

✅Making Safe Decisions

Speed Management

Driving to the conditions of the road is an essential skill for all drivers.

Learning how to determine an appropriate speed can be difficult for any driver.

✅Learn simple speed management techniques.

✅Improve your ability to assess road conditions.

In addition, learner drivers are introduced to a variety of safe driving techniques to help them transition to driving solo in a safe and confident way including: 

  • Learning How to identify hazards on the road and minimise the risk of a crash
  • Learning how to be a defensive driver.
  • Gain 20 log book hours.
  • Learn good tactics of being a ‘low risk driver’.
  • Learn how to be a better P plate driver. 

This course helps prepare learner drivers in Penrith for the transition to driving unsupervised when they get their provisional drivers licence.

Penrith Students will be able to implement the skills and knowledge they learn in this course on the road with a qualified Penrith driving instructor. Being able to make good decisions is very important for learners as it will reduce risks and anticipate hazardous situations.

The course consists of 2 modules

Module 1 – Theory

This is a 3-hour theory/workshop session conducted by a qualified facilitator. During this part of the course, you will learn how to identify and manage the risks and hazards associated with driving a vehicle. As there is only a maximum of 12 students in a class, you will have the opportunity to work with your peers to improve your road safety awareness and decision making.

  • A three-hour interactive facilitated group discussion.
  • The discussion will involve up to 12 learner drivers.
  • Learn about driver behaviours and how to implement strategies and techniques to become a safer driver.
  • The session explores challenges that may arise and how to deal with external influences.
  • The discussion is supported by videos and activities to keep the session engaging and interesting.

Module 2 – Practical

Module 2 is a two hour in-car driving session that allows you to practice what was learned during Module 1. This will be done by pairing up with another student and taking turns at being the driver under supervision from our qualified driving instructor.

There are many risks that one can take when driving, and the session is aimed at teaching young learners how to identify these dangers. The coaching session focuses on educating students not only about becoming safe drivers but also proactive ones who will be able to better handle any situation they may encounter while behind the wheel of a car.

  • A two-hour on road coaching session with 2 students conducted by an experienced and qualified driving instructor.
  • The coaching sessions are aimed at eliminating the major crash types that occur on NSW roads.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to have a number of drives on set routes.
  • Students will gain practical skills at speed management, gap selection, following distances, hazard perception and more.

The Safer Drivers Course will teach you valuable driving skills in an informative and engaging manner. You’ll learn how to become a lifelong safe driver with this step-by-step program, so don’t hesitate!

The Safer Drivers Course is the next step on your journey to becoming a lifelong safe driver. The sessions are fun as well as informational, teaching you everything from what it means when someone flashes their headlights at you to ways for dealing with stressful situations such as merging traffic or following too closely behind another car.


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