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Thank you for visiting our Website. You have come to the right place for your Driving Lessons. We started our Driving School in Penrith with the aim of providing high quality driving lessons in a relaxed and stress free way. Over the years we have expanded to cover a variety of driving test locations.

Our professional driving school provides high quality driver education in Penrith many other driving test locations in Western Sydney.

At Learn to Drive Driving School we provide the best value for money because you will learn more and you will become a better driver with our exclusive Better Way Training program.

We have spent many years developing a world class training program. With our exclusive Better Way Training program you can relax and enjoy learning to drive with our professional driving instructors. We provide informative driving lessons in a relaxed and Stress FREE environment.

Each driving lesson is specifically designed to meet your individual needs because we want to make sure you gain the maximum benefit from each lesson. Our focus is to provide expert driving lessons with quality driving instructors, who provide interesting and informative driving lessons.


Why Choose Learn To Drive Driving School?


The biggest decision you will make when learning to drive is choosing the right driving instructor. Research shows that the standard of driving instruction you receive as a learner driver has a significant impact on your ability to drive safely.

Make sure you get the right driving instructor to teach you how to drive. There is no point in paying someone who does not teach you to drive the correct way. At Learn to drive we place a high value on teaching students to drive safely and confidently. Therefore we have driving instructors who go out of their way to gain additional qualifications and become better driving instructors.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that our students have busy lives. That’s why we provide flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends. With our online booking system its easy to schedule a lesson time that fits your busy schedule, simply click on the book now button and select your preferred driving test location. Then select your lesson type and our system will give you the option of picking your driving instructor or the next available instructor. It’s that easy to book your lesson, find available lesson times and lesson prices.

When making your booking you can choose to be picked up from home, work, school or anywhere else in the local service area. Then when your booking is made we will send you a confirmation email with a link to reschedule your lesson if your schedule changes. You can also add the booking to your calendar and we will also send you a reminder email and text before your lesson.

Comprehensive Driving Programs

From beginners to advanced defensive driving courses, our programs cover everything you need to know to be a safe and confident driver. We offer both theoretical and practical driving lessons, covering defensive driving, traffic laws, basic vehicle maintenance and everything you need to know to pass the driving test.

Our innovative training program means that our students learn more and become safer drivers in a relaxed environment.

Professional Driving Instructors:  At Learn to Drive all of our instructors are fully qualified and approved by Transport for NSW.

Local Driving Instructors:  Our local driving instructors have extensive experience in preparing students to pass the driving test at your local Service NSW driving test centre. You can relax in the knowledge that our driving instructors know how the local examiners mark the driving test and what they will test you on.

Package Deals available:  We offer a variety of driving lesson packages to suit your needs. You can purchase a lesson package online and then book your actual lesson times now or later on. You have complete control of when you book or reschedule your lessons.

3 for 1 Log Book Hours

Receive 3 Log Book Hours when you complete a 1 hour driving lesson with Learn to Drive
Complete 10 hours with Learn to Drive and receive 30 Log Book Hours
Only applies to your first 10 hours of professional lessons

Benefits of Learn to Drive Driving School

Full 1 hour driving lessons:  At Learn to Drive Driving School, we ensure that every driving lesson gives you enough time to learn and practice your driving skills. Unlike some driving schools that might start late or finish lessons early, resulting in less driving time, we are committed to providing you with a full one-hour lesson. This approach ensures that you receive the most value from each lesson. In addition, you will have sufficient time to practice and develop the driving skills and safe driving techniques that you learn during your lesson .

Transport for NSW Approved Driving Instructors:  All instructors are approved by Transport for NSW and have their Working With Children Certificates. Unfortunately there are some people working as driving instructors who are not actually qualified. Your Learn to Drive driving instructor always has their driving instructor licence on them.

Modern Air-conditioned Cars:  It’s important to feel comfortable when learning to drive. When you are comfortable and relaxed you will learn more and develop your driving skills quicker. It’s also reassuring to know all of our modern cars have advanced safety features and a 5 Star ANCAP rating.

High Pass Rate:  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the driving test requirements will prepare you to pass the test first Go! Great instructors and local knowledge means you are guaranteed to learn how to drive safely. Over time we have gained a vast knowledge of the local test tracks. Therefore we can show you the difficult parts of the driving test and show you how to pass the test with confidence.

Dual Controls for your Safety:  It is reassuring to know that whilst you are learning to drive your instructor can help keep you safe if you make a mistake.

Learn to Drive Driving School Penrith


Driving Lessons Penrith

Research indicates that the quality of driving instruction significantly impacts your safety on the road. To ensure you receive the best education, we focus on the training and development of our driving instructors. Our instructors possess extensive knowledge and qualifications beyond the basics, enabling them to teach you more effectively. As a result, you benefit from a richer learning experience, which helps you become a more skilled and confident driver.

With Learn to Drive you can also improve your driving skills by undertaking additional driver training with our Defensive Driving Course or the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course.

All instructors are fully approved by Transport for NSW and have current working with children certificates.


Services provided by Learn To Drive Driving School

Automatic Driving Lessons:  You can book a 1 or 2 hour lesson online. We pick up and drop off within the local service area. You can be picked up or dropped off from a variety of locations including home, school, work, simply enter your preferred pickup or drop off location when making your booking.

Practice Driving Tests:  Conducted under exam conditions. Learn how the examiners mark the driving test. discover the tricks to passing the driving test from our driving instructors. Compare you driving to test standards.

Overseas License Conversions:  We have extensive experience in assisting overseas license holders pass the NSW driving test. Our professional driving instructors will guide you through each step of converting your overseas license to a NSW Driver’s license.

Provisional Driving Test Packages:  This is a 2 hour package that includes a lesson and the use of our car for your driving test.

Older Driver Assessments:  Complete your older driver assessment with Learn to Drive. Our Transport for NSW approved Older Driver Assessor will guide you through every step of the process. You can have a driving lesson with your examiner who will go over everything you need to know to pass the test.

NDIS Approved Driving Lessons:

We provide driving lessons for NDIS participants with learning and physical difficulties. Each specialized driving lesson is specifically designed for your specific needs. For students with learning and physical difficulties we have many years of experience working with Occupational Therapists and Health care professionals. We can design a training program to suit your situation. Our fully qualified instructors are approved specialists in driver rehabilitation training.

Occupational Therapist Driving Assessments:  We provide driving assessments with qualified Occupational Therapists for NDIS participants, icare, insurance companies. If you need an Occupational Therapist driving assessment please message us on 0408 545 917, make sure you include your name and location.

Modified Driving Lessons:  We have fully modified cars for drivers with physical difficulties including:

 Basic spinner knobs,

 Electronic spinner knobs,

 Left foot accelerator

Pull-Push Hand Controls

 Hand Controls with trigger accelerator

 Hand Controls with satellite accelerator


All services offered by Learn to Drive Driving School in Penrith and Glenmore Park include convenient pickup and drop-off from any location within the local service area including:

Cambridge GardensCambridge ParkClaremont Meadows
CranebrookEmu PlainsGlenmore Park
JamisontownJordan SpringsKingswood
MulgoaMulgoa RiseNepean
Orchard HillsPenrith

Practice Driving Test

Test your Driving Skills with Learn to Drive


Trial Driving Test: Conducted under exam conditions by your industry leading Learn To Drive driving instructor. Learn how the driving examiners mark the driving test. Compare your skills to the Transport for NSW driving test standards.


Local Instructors with Local Knowledge: Learn to Drive Driving instructors are experts in their local driving test areas. They know the local driving test routes and they understand the contents of the driving test as well as the marking criteria used by the local examiners. Take a practice driving test with Learn to Drive and uncover the secrets to passing your driving test.


Learn how the Driving Test is Marked: Did you know that the driving test is marked on 5 elements? Do you know what the fail items are in your driving test? Don’t be stressed on the day of the test wondering what you will be marked on or what you can fail for!


Driving Test Preparation: Are you ready for the driving test? Have you covered all of the topics you can be tested on? Now it’s time to take a Practice Driving Test with Learn to Drive and compare your driving skills to the standards required by Transport for NSW.


Automatic Driving Lessons Penrith

At our driving school it is very important to have quality cars fitted with dual controls, qualified professional instructors and outstanding customer service. We prepare our students for a lifetime of safe driving, not just for the driving test.

Our driving lessons in Penrith are designed to guide learners from beginners to advanced drivers, fully prepared for the driving test. We offer practice routes and informative lessons around key locations such as Westfields Penrith, Penrith Panthers, and the Nepean River.

We also provide Driving lessons at a  variety of driving test locations in Western Sydney. All lessons are conducted by professional driving instructors who know what is required to pass the driving test first go.

The Best Driving School in Penrith!

Learn to Drive Driving School in Penrith is the best because we have the best driving Instructors and the best training program.

Because our Better Way Training Program has been developed over many years, we can adapt each driving lesson to meet your specific needs and learning style. Because of this, you will learn more in your driving lesson and more importantly, you will become a better driver. It’s easy to learn to drive in a relaxed and stress-free environment with the Better Way training program.

driving instructor with student

Driving Instructor Penrith

We all know that finding the right driving instructor is the most important thing in determining how you will become. Learn to Drive has highly skilled driving instructors that will help you become a safer driver.

At Learn to Drive we have driving instructors who are highly qualified driving instructors. Therefore you will learn more as well as enjoy your lessons.

By developing safe driving habits and learning the best driving techniques from a qualified driving instructor you will become a better driver, because you will learn more and be better prepared for the driving test. The safe driving skills you learn will stay with you long after the driving test.

Book a Driving Lesson Online Now
Book Driving Lessons

Book Driving lesson Online

Pick up and Drop off after each lesson: Your driving instructor will pick you up and drop you off after your lesson. You can specify different pickup and drop-off locations in nearby suburbs when booking online.


Select your Nearest Service NSW Driving Test Location: Your driving instructor will provide pickup and drop-off service after your lesson. You can provide different pickup and drop-off locations in nearby suburbs.


Choosing you driving instructor: If multiple driving instructors are available in your area, you can view their profiles, including vehicle types. Then, select your preferred instructor and complete your booking.


Check available lessons times: Browse available lesson times to find one that suits your busy schedule before booking.


Receive Confirmation Email: We will send you a confirmation email with a link that allows you to reschedule your lesson if your plans change.


Receive reminder Email and Text: You can receive reminders or opt out it’s your choice.


Book driving lessons online

 Frequently Asked Questions Driving Lesson Bookings

Click on the book now button.
Click on your nearest Service NSW driving test location. We provide convenient pickup and drop-off from nearby suburbs for each Service NSW driving test location.
Select lesson type and duration, to see available lesson times
Our online payment system allows you to make payments through a secure online payment system. We accept debit cards and most major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.
When you book a driving lesson we will send you a confirmation email with a link to reschedule your lesson.
Lessons can be rescheduled online with 24 hours notice. If your plans change within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson and you can not do the lesson message us on 0408 545 917.
Click on the “Packages & Vouchers” Button.
Select the Service NSW Driving Test Location in your area.
Select your Lesson Package.
Complete your purchase.
Yes, we provide pickup and drop-off services for all suburbs covered by the listed Service NSW test locations. For a comprehensive list of suburbs, please visit our Service Areas page.
Yes, we allow you to cancel lessons, reschedule lessons and we allow refunds. Please read our terms and conditions for full details.

We provide driving lessons in a number of Service NSW driving test locations in Western Sydney including: Glenmore Park, Gregory Hills, Liverpool, Penrith, Richmond, Springwood, St Marys and Wetherill Park.

Follow the links below to learn more about driving test locations covered by Learn to Drive Driving Instructors.



About Learn to Drive Driving School Penrith

Our mission is to be the best driving school in Penrith. We are continually working to improve our skills and knowledge about road safety and driver education. One of the things you will notice when comparing driving schools is that we offer additional services such as

Driving Instructors who are qualified to teach safer drivers courses.
We also have approval by the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Rehabilitation Trained Driving Instructor: Obviously not everyone will require a rehabilitation trained driving instructor. But it is reassuring to know that we have the skills to design individual training programs to meet your unique learning style.
Transport for NSW Approved older Driver Assessor. Even if you do not require an older driver assessment you will benefit the knowledge we learnt from Transport for NSW. As part of the training for older driver assessors we learnt how to design driving test routes and how the driving tests are conducted and marked by the assessors.

Because of this additional training and qualifications, you will learn more in a lesson with Learn to Drive. We specialise in preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving as well as passing the driving test.


Transport for NSW required Driving Instructor Qualifications

Class C drivers licence or higher
Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training
Working With Children Certificate
NSW Driving Instructor Licence issued by Transport for NSW


Additional Driving Instructor qualifications include:


Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator.
Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course Module 2 Coach.
Accredited Older Driver Assessor.
Keys2Drive Accredited Driving Instructor.


Qualifications for Driving Instructors teaching Learner Drivers with Physical Impairments and Learning Difficulties:


NDIS approved Driving Instructor:- Be careful of companies who are registered and then allow their instructors to operate under their banner. If you require Specialised Driver Training due to learning or Physical difficulties you need a driving instructor who is qualified.


icare NSW approved:- icare provides rehabilitation driver training for people with traumatic brain injuries and physical impairments requiring modified driving. To be approved for this type of work you need extensive training and expertise approved by health care professionals and rehabilitation specialists including Doctors and Occupational Therapists.


Specialised Driver Assessment and Training for Driving Instructors:- Their are a lot of courses that driving instructors can undertake to become qualified to design and implement rehabilitation programs for drivers with physical impairments, vision and cognitive deficits and implications for driving, mental illness, anxiety, aging, hearing loss and driving, high level needs and driving including vehicle modifications for disabilities


Driving Instructor Michael Tolhurst
Professional Driving Instructor since 2014
Working with children Certificate
Driving instructor Licence
Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator
Safer Drivers Course Module 2 Coach
1 Hour Driving Lesson = 3 Log Book Hours
Michael’s Automatic Car
Mazda 2
Michael’s car is very easy to drive. Ideal for performing reverse parallel parking and three point turns in the driving test.
The car is fitted with dual controls and fully maintained to Transport for NSW standards for the driving test.
You can hire Michael’s car for your driving test.
Michael is available for Driving Lessons and Driving Tests in Penrith, Richmond, Springwood, and St Marys service areas.


Driving Instructor John Fitzpatrick

Professional Driving instructor since 2012
1 hour driving lesson = 3 Log book Hours 
Working with Children Certificate
Driving Instructors Licence
Safer Drivers Course Module 1 Facilitator
Safer Driver Course Module 2 Coach
Approved Older Driver Assessor
NDIS approved Driving Instructor
Qualified Rehabilitation Driving Instructor
John’s Automatic Car
John's Car Mazda 3
Mazda 3
John’s car is a small hatch back. Ideal for performing reverse parallel parking and 3-point turns in the driving test.
The car is fitted with dual controls and fully maintained to Transport for NSW standards for the driving test.
You can hire John’s Automatic car for your driving test.
John is available for Driving Lessons and Driving Tests in Penrith, Richmond, Springwood, and St Marys service areas.

 Learn to Drive Driving School Penrith Frequently Asked Questions

  • You need to be 16 years of age or older.
  • Download and complete your Licence Application.
  • Take your licence application and proof of identity to a Service NSW Centre.
  • Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT). You must make a booking for the DKT.
  • You can practice for the Driver Knowledge Test online.
  • Step 1 Obtain your NSW Learner Licence.
  • Step 2 Complete your required 120 Log Book Hours if you are under 25 years of age.
  • Step 3 Pass the NSW Hazard perception test.
  • Step 4 Pass the NSW Driving Test.
  • Step 5 Complete 12 months as a Provisional P1 driver.
  • Step 6 Complete 24 Months as a Provisional P2 driver.
For more information read our blog on the NSW Graduated Licencing Scheme.
Whilst driving lessons in NSW are not compulsory in NSW, you will benefit from driving lessons with a skilled driving instructor.
The number of driving lessons required to adequately prepare you for the driving test will depend on driving experience and skill levels.
Most learner driver’s with about 100 log book hours require a minimum of 3-5 driving lessons in the weeks leading up to the driving test.
On the day of your driving test you will need to complete a licence application form. You can use the same licence application form you used for your Hazard Perception Test (HPT).
You will also need to have a valid licence. This can be your NSW Learner Licence or an international licence if you are converting an overseas licence to a NSW drivers licence.
In addition, Transport for NSW may require additional information to confirm identity and residential status. If Transport for NSW requires additional documentation they will tell you what you need to bring when you make your driving test booking.