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Give the gift of safe driving with Learn to Drive Driving Lesson Packages and Vouchers. Whatever the occasion Birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion a Learn to Drive Gift Voucher is the best gift for your Learner Driver.

At Learn to Drive we focus on preparing each student for a lifetime of safe driving as well as passing the driving test first go.

In addition to one and two hour driving lessons we also provide practice driving tests. Learn how to pass the driving test with confidence. All Lessons are conducted in a relaxed and stress free environment with our professional driving instructors.

Each voucher is valid for three  years to the value paid for the card. That means you can use the card for any of the wonderful services provided by Learn to Drive. If you purchase a gift voucher for automatic driving lessons and decide to change over to manual driving lessons that’s OK.

If for any reason your learner driver is unable to use the voucher it is fully transferrable and can be used by another Learner Driver.

Driving Packages & Gift Vouchers

At Learn to drive we know that different students have different levels of experience. That is why we offer a variety of lesson packages to suit your experience level and specific needs. Whether you are a learner driver who has never driven before, or you are 75 years old and need to do the aged driving test we have trained professional driving instructors to help.

1 Hour Driving Lesson:

This is a great way to meet your driving instructor or brush up on your skills before your driving test.

It takes time to develop the skills to drive and you need time to develop those skills. To do this you need time to practice the things you learn from your driving instructor. That is why we provide a full one hour lesson.

You will receive individual tuition from a professional driving instructor who has been fully approved by Transport for NSW and New South Wales Police. Whilst some driving schools will have two or more students in the car at the same time. We do not conduct group lessons with two or more students at the same time. Because we know that you will learn more and become a better driver with an with an individual lesson that focuses on your needs.

At the end of  your lesson you will be given a student record card that shows you all the things you could be tested on. Your driving instructor will update your student record card at the end of each lesson with the things you need to practice or improve upon.

In addition a single lesson is a great way to start learning to drive or to correct any issues before doing the driving test. It is also a great way to meet your driving instructor and make sure that you are comfortable with the car. For more information on what to expect in your first driving lesson please read our blog “First Lesson Expectations.”

3 Hour Lesson Package

Maybe you are a first time driver who wants to learn the basics of driving before going for a drive with your supervising driver. You can learn the basic controls of the car including things like starting, stopping, steering and the correct road position.

Alternatively if you are in the final stages of preparing for your driving test this is an ideal package to learn the manoeuvres for the driving test. This includes parking and three point turns. Your driving instructor will also have the opportunity to evaluate your driving and identify any areas that need improvement.


5 Hour Lesson Package

If you are just starting to learn to drive you will benefit greatly from an extra couple of hours with a professional driving instructor. The reality is that it takes time to learn how to drive safely, that is why you have to complete 120 log book hours before you can do the driving test.

In the first three hours of this package you will learn the basics of driving. Then you will start learning how to apply the various road rules in real life situations. It is you ability to apply road rules and make good decisions that will determine how safe you are on the road.

Alternatively if you are getting ready for the driving test and you have a few things you need to get right like blind spot checks and reverse parallel parking then you will benefit greatly from our 5 lesson package.

It is only natural to get nervous in the driving test and when you are nervous it is very difficult to try and remember a lot of things you need to do to pass the test. By doing a five lesson package you will have the time and practice to create good driving habits. When you have good driving habits you are far more likely to pass the driving test.

10 Hour Lesson Package

This is a ten lesson package that is designed for the person who wants to become a good driver. This is the package we recommend for learner drivers who are just starting to drive. You will be given the opportunity to learn the correct driving techniques and develop safe driving strategies that will make you a good driver. By learning to drive the correct way in the beginning you will develop good driving habits that will stay with you throughout your driving life.

Research shows that the standard of on road driver education you receive plays a significant role in determining your ability to drive safely. This package will help you develop better decision making skills and improve your ability to drive safely.

Unfortunately too many people spend a long time learning and practising poor driving techniques. Then when they fail the driving test they realise that they have wasted a lot of time and they have to change the way they drive. It is much harder to change a bad habit than to learn the correct technique in the beginning.

By completing our 10 hour package you will have more time to develop safe driving techniques. In addition to this you will have more time to develop a better understanding of the road rules. Then you will learn how to apply them in real life situations. The reality is you will have to make decisions in fractions of a second when you are driving that will have a very real impact upon your safety. By giving yourself more time to learn you will

  • Develop a better driving technique
  • Improve your decision making skills
  • Learn how to minimise the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident.
  • Learn basic defensive driving techniques
  • Become a Safer Driver

Trial Driving Test

This is a great way to make sure you are ready for the driving test. Conducted under driving test conditions and marked to the standards set by Transport for NSW. You will receive your driving test score sheet at the end of your trial test.

Driving Lesson Gift Voucher

Each driving lesson gift voucher contains a schedule link that you can use to book your lessons. Our online booking system allows you to see the driving instructors and their availability.

The driving lesson voucher allows you to book online and reschedule lessons to suit your busy lifestyle.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers


Driving Lesson Gift Voucher Location

When you purchase a driving lesson gift voucher you are purchasing driving lessons in a specific area. A Penrith gift voucher covers the Penrith area and all the suburbs in the Penrith local area.

To confirm your area pick up and drop off location area see our service areas.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Driving Test

Purchase a 2 hour driving test vouchers and we will give you a refresher driving lesson 1 hour before your actual driving test. Then you can use our car for your driving test.

Driving Lessons Gift Card

With your electronic Driving Lessons gift card you can schedule your lessons or reschedule your lessons with 24 hours notice.

Take control of your journey to getting your drivers licence.

Our gift vouchers are available and redeemable for driving lessons or driving tests. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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