About Us

Learn to Drive Driving School has developed over many years with a strong focus on road safety. the thing about us is that we have a lot of experience and qualifications that we have been able to combine into an effective training program.

Our driving school has it’s origins in the Road Transport industry. As a professional driver one drives up to twelve hours a day, six days a week. When you are on the roads all day you see a lot of bad drivers, poor driving techniques and dangerous driving on the roads. It happens so often and most drivers either don’t know or don’t care.

It’s a fact that bad drivers cause accidents. Most drivers either ignore or don’t know basic road rules. Surely drivers could learn how to drive safely. That would reduce the road death toll if only we had better driving instructors.

Truck drivers are required to complete fatigue management training yet this is not covered by most driving instructors. Considering fatigue contributes to 15% of all fatalities, it would be good to teach that to learner drivers.

Another thing you learn when driving a heavier vehicle is braking distances and planning ahead. Considering about 30% of all accidents occur when someone runs into the rear of another car. Surely these two simple skills would also help reduce the road death toll.

Driving Instructors Should Be Lifelong Learners

Most driving instructors do a single course and then they can call themselves a driving instructor.

It’s great you have to do a course to become a driving instructor but surely that’s not the end of the learning experience. When I first started working as a driving instructor, I worked for a long established driving school.

The owner of the business regularly advertised that he had been a driving instructor for 20 years. However he had never upgraded his qualifications or undertaken any additional training. A lot of things have changed in that time.

Qualifications and experience matter:

A driving instructors ability to teach is limited by their experience and qualifications. The more you know the more you can teach. When searching for a driving school consider what you can learn from them.

At Learn to Drive our instructors have spent a lot of time learning how to be better instructors. Some of our knowledge and experience includes:

  • Transport and Logistics Road Transport Driving Instruction Certificate IV.
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  • Roads and Maritime Services approved Older Driver Assessor.
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator. Ministry of Transport for New South Wales course.
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach. Ministry of Transport for New South Wales.
  • Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation Course for Driving Instructors. NDIS approved rehabilitation course.
  • Curtin University: Supporting Student Drivers on the Autism Spectrum
  • Western Sydney University: Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum
  • Heavy Combination drivers licence.
  • Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport)
  • Transport and Logistics (Road Transport) General Certificate III
  • Fatigue Management Strategies

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with and learn from leading industry experts in road safety. By combining that knowledge with the latest teaching techniques we have been able to develop the Better Way Training Program. Because everyone learns differently and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, we have modularised the course which allows us to focus on the things you need to learn.

By combining the latest teaching techniques with safe driving strategies, our students learn more and become safer drivers. They also have a higher pass rate in the driving test and they learn how to make better decisions. When you take a driving lesson with Learn to Drive, our first priority is teaching you to be a good driver. For more information on how we do that please read our Better Way Training Program blog.