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How to Pass the Driving Test

Progressive governments have made driving tests tougher as part of an ongoing initiative to make our road drivers and road users safer. How to pass the driving test is a common thing to think about.

The on road driving test assesses your driving skills, decision making, awareness of other road users, and how you share the road with other traffic. If you pass the test you progress from a Learners licence to a P1 licence.

If you fail the test you must wait at least 7 days before you are eligible to redo the driving test.

Arrive on Time

When you book your driving test ,the Roads & Maritime Services tell you to be at the test centre 15 minutes early. If you are not there on time for your driving test, you will not be allowed to do the test.

You will have to re book your driving test and come back another day.

Bring all your paperwork

You must bring all the required paperwork. The paperwork must be complete. For example, if your log book has not been completed properly you will not be allowed to do the driving test.

To be eligible to take this driving test you must be:

  • At least 17 years of age.
  • Completed at least 120 hours of log book driving, including 20 hours of night driving.
  • Note: all drivers over 25 years are exempt from the 12 month tenure and log book requirements

Make sure you know how to pass the test

Like any test you have to prepare for it to be able pass. This means you must know the road rules but more importantly how to apply those rules in real life situations.

Because if you can not react correctly in fractions of a second, you might have a car accident which would mean you would not pass the test. In a driving test, anything that is dangerous is an immediate fail item.

The Driving Test

The P’s driving test is scheduled to last 45 minutes. During this time you may be tested on many different driving skills including reverse parking, three point turns, lane changing, roundabouts, stop and give way procedures, cornering, hazard perception, defensive driving and many other topics.

The Learn To Drive Driving School has developed a Better Way driving program to ensure you gain all the skills and knowledge you need to be able to pass the driving test first go.

Pre Departure Check

Before you start your driving test the RMS examiner will conduct a safety check of the vehicle. All our cars are fully maintained to the high standards set by the RMS so you can relax when doing the test in one of our cars. However if you choose to do the test in your own car you need know that if the examiner finds a fault with the car they may terminate the test. This would mean that you will have to rebook the test for a later date and pay another booking fee.

RMS Test Track

Each RMS testing centre has a number of test tracks and one of those test tracks is randomly selected for you to be tested on. Because each test track is different you will be tested on different driving skills on different test tracks. For example you will be tested on dual lane roundabouts at Penrith, whereas there are no dual lane roundabouts in Richmond. Therefore you will not be tested on dual lane roundabouts in Richmond, instead Richmond has a railway crossing.

Whilst the test is scheduled to last for 45 minutes you have to complete the test track and perform the required manoeuvres. Because your test may take more than the allocated time due to traffic or road works don’t worry if the test takes longer.

At the end of the test the examiner will give you your results.

Why Choose Learn To Drive Driving School

Some driving schools cover large areas and do driving tests at many RMS test centres. It is not possible for a driving instructor to know the test tracks and driving conditions at all the RMS test centres.

Because we specialise in a small number of RMS testing centres,

  • We have an extensive knowledge of the local test tracks.
  • We know the difficult parts of each test track.
  • We know how the examiners score the test.
  • We can teach you how to PASS THE TEST FIRST GO.