Learn to Drive Driving School

Learn to Drive The Better Way

When taking driving lessons you might as well Learn to Drive The Better Way. We know it can be difficult choosing a driving school. There are so many schools to choose from and they all claim to be good at teaching people to drive. This makes it hard to decide when you need to pick a driving school. Therefore we would like to share a few things with you. Because we know that the more information you have the better decisions you can make.

The Better Way Training Program

The Learn To Drive Driving School has created The Better Way Training Program to make sure you get the most out of each and every lesson.

We know students have different skill levels and that people learn in different ways. Because of this, The Better Way Training Program has been fully modularised. You get to pick only what you need to learn and how you want to learn it. Our driving instructors tailor each lesson to your individual needs.

What makes it a Better Way:

  • Driving lessons tailored to your experience
  • No waisted time, learn the driving skills you need
  • Clear and easy to understand driving teachers
  • Your abilities are assessed by our skilled driving instructors
  • Local knowledge of the challenges of your area and RMS test routes
  • Highly trained staff

Great Driving Instructors

Learning to drive is easy with our driving instructors. Our instructors are highly trained to identify any weaknesses in your driving techniques, which they will correct for you. They will explain everything in a way that you understand. Remember our Better Way Training Program is adapted to suit your individual learning needs.

The Student Record Card

Your driving Instructor will provide you with a student record card. Your card lists all of the driving skill modules that you might be tested on in the RMS driving test. On this card your Driving Instructor writes down what you need to do to meet the standards required by the RMS to pass your driving test.

When your driving instructor covers many topics with you in a lesson (and we will cover many topics) it really does help to have a student card to refer back to after the lesson.  No one can remember everything the first time it is taught to them, but the student card helps you remember and retain the information. So you will Learn more in a lesson with Learn To Drive Driving School.

Local Driving Instructors

At the Learn To Drive Driving School we specialise in preparing students to drive safely and pass the driving test at specific test centres.

Each council has different ways of designing roads. Penrith has many more roundabouts than Richmond. Whereas Richmond has much wider roads without any road markings or paint on the road. Each local area requires different skills. Therefore each driving instructor requires specific local knowledge.

Each RMS test centre has many different test tracks that they use to test drivers on. The RMS examiners are not allowed to tell you the test routes. When you do you driving test one of the many tracks at your test centre is randomly selected for you to be tested on.

Because the Learn To Drive Driving School specialises in a small number of RMS test centres our instructors know the local test tracks and what the examiners are looking for when you do your test. We have spent a long time learning these details, and when you learn to drive with us you get the benefits of our specialised local knowledge.

Some driving schools cover large areas and do driving tests at many RMS test centres. It is not possible for a driving instructor to learn all the test tracks and all the different road conditions at every RMS test centre. Ours is a better way.


Learn to Drive the Better Way

At the Learn To Drive Driving School we have spent years developing and testing the Better Way Training Program. Because we know the better training you receive the better driver you will be.

The Better Way Training program combines the best elements of:

1) Transport and Logistics (Road Transport) Industry (Trucks & Buses)

To get accepted into the course you must of held a full licence for more than 5 years. You must also hold at least a Medium Rigid Drivers Licence.

The course takes two years to complete. Firstly you spend 2 weeks in a classroom learning things you have not learnt before about driving and the Road Transport Industry. Then you are mentored on the road by an experience driver. For the remainder of the two year course you undergo regular training and assessments. Which means you are going to improve because of the ongoing training.


2) Driving Instruction Course.

This is the course to become a driving instructor. All qualified driving instructors have a licence issued by the RTA (RMS).  Please make sure that whatever driving school you decide to go with has qualified and accredited instructors.

Over the years there have been a variety of ways for people to become driving instructors. In recent times the training has become far more formalised than it used to be.

There are basically two different types of courses on offer to become a driving instructor in NSW.

The first is a training programme conducted over two days in a class room. In this course a bunch of would be instructors are taught how to be driving instructors. The downside to this is that instructors do not gain the practical experience of

  1. a) identifying problems with students driving techniques
  2. b) correcting those problems
  3. c) Teaching students. All students learn differently and a good teacher has to be able to adapt their teaching technique to suit the needs of the student

The second training course for driving instructors provides individual lessons in a car. These are one on one training sessions with individual demonstrations. The instructor going through each element of driving in detail with the trainee instructor in a motor car.

The Better Way Training Program is based on the second type of driver instructor training program.

The Process used for training instructors is

  1. a) The topic is explained and demonstrated to the trainee instructor during a one hour lesson by a qualified Driving Instructor. Therefore the trainee instructor gets a better understanding of how to teach that subject.
  2. b) Then the trainee instructor has to prepare a lesson on the same topic.
  3. c) On the next lesson the trainee instructor has to explain and demonstrate the topic to the instructor.
  4. d) The instructor then marks and corrects any errors in the trainees teaching technique.

This process takes many lessons to complete over many months.


3) New and innovative training methods.

Unfortunately their are too many driving school that have no on going training for their Driving Instructors. The fact is the RMS are regularly reviewing and updating road rules and testing procedures. At Learn To Drive we have an ongoing training program to ensure we are always up to date.