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Driving Lessons

Our Driving Lessons are designed to ensure you get  the most out of each lesson. We take great pride in preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving, as well as passing the driving test first go.

We pay close attention to each of our students and make sure that you Learn to Drive in a safe and stress free environment.

The Learn to Drive Driving School guarantees:

  • Fully accredited Instructors
  • Professional Instructors
  • Patient Instructors
  • Reliable Instructors
  • Easy to Understand lessons
  • Safe and stress free learning
  • Full 1 hour lessons
  • You will learn more in an hour with us
  • Exceptional pass rate
  • Manual & Automatic cars

To book a driving lesson call 0408 545 917 and get driving today!

Affordable Driving Lessons

At Learn to drive we provide excellent value for money, not because we are the cheapest but because you learn the most. When comparing prices look at what you get for your money. Is the other driving school qualified to teach free keys2drive lessons or Safer Drivers Courses?

Extensive research shows that students who receive structured driving lessons become safer drivers. When you pay money for a driving lesson you want  the best instructor.

Our Better way training program allows for each driving lesson to be specifically structured to meet the individual needs of each student.

By combining structured driving lessons with our Better Way training program we can ensure you get the most out of each driving lesson.

Call 0408 545 917 to  book a driving lesson

Why driving lesson with us?

A driving lesson with a qualified driving instructor gives you access to the knowledge and experience of that instructor. The fact is person who is qualified and has a lot of experience is better equipped to identify  and correct any weaknesses you may have a driver. At Learn to Drive we take great pride in preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving. We make sure that each student learns

  • Correct driving techniques
  • Road rules
  • Low risk driving skills
  • Gap selection
  • Crash avoidance spaces
  • Speed management
  • And much more

All RMS test centres have different road conditions and several test tracks. As each test centre has something that makes it different to the other test centres, it is very important that you prepare for your test with a driving school that specialises in your local test area.




Driving Lessons


Best Driving Lessons

Whilst a lot of people claim to be the best there are a few reasons why we think we are the best.

Student Record Card: All our driving lessons prices include a written evaluation of your driving. When you finish your lesson you will receive a student record card that tells you what you need to work on. Then when you go driving later on you can refer back to the student record card and practice the things you need to work on.

Manual and Automatic lessons: Yes we offer both automatic and manual driving lessons. Unfortunately too many driving schools don’t put in the extra effort to be qualified to teach manual lessons. When selecting a driving school you might as well choose the school that has extra qualifications.

Free Keys2Drive Lessons: The federal government offers a free driving lesson to learner drivers. To teach this lesson a driving instructor has to undertake additional training. You might as well go with a school that offers a free lesson

Safer Drivers Course: This is a course specifically designed by the Roads & Maritime services for learner drivers under 25 years old. The course is divided into two modules and each module requires additional training and qualifications.

Better Way Training Program: We have spent a long time learning more about road safety.

Did you know?

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