Lessons tailored to specific, individual needs are hugely beneficial to your teen while learning how to drive. At Learn to Drive Driving School, we offer an exclusive program, which is why we’ve been featured as experts by NSW Compensation Lawyers in an article on how parents can teach kids safe driving skills. We focus on… Read More

  • Defensive driving or low risk driving

    Defensive driving or low risk driving goes beyond simply knowing the road rules and having a good driving technique. After you have learnt the road rules and developed the necessary driving techniques, you then you need to develop your defensive driving techniques. When you have accomplished this you will be able to minimise your risks… Read More

  • Night Driving

    Driving a car at night time is very different to driving a car during the day time. When you drive a car during the daytime it is much easier to see other vehicles, people or objects as they approach your car. It is also easier to judge the speed and distance of the other vehicle,… Read More

  • Choosing a driving school is key to becoming a safe driver. Choosing a driving school that has great instructors and a great training program is essential to becoming a safe driver. The most common question I get when someone is looking for a driving school is what is the price? Most people don’t ask any… Read More

  • Preparing for Driving Test

    It is easy to pass the driving test when you know how to drive properly. However if you do not know how to drive the correct way you will find the driving test very difficult to pass. Unfortunately too many people do not learn the correct way to drive. They then spend a 120 hours… Read More

  • Driving Lessons in Springwood

    At Learn to Drive Driving School we have been teaching students how to drive safely and pass the driving test at Springwood for years. Our fully qualified instructors have a good working relationship with the examiners at Springwood and they know the local test tracks. When you learn to drive with our school you will… Read More

  • Learning to drive in Richmond

    Learn To Drive Richmond NSW specialises in preparing students to pass the Driving Test first go. Because we specialise in providing professional driving lessons in Richmond NSW our instructors have a good working relationship with the examiners at Richmond. We know the Richmond test tracks and the sections that are difficult to get right. Call… Read More

  • New Penrith RMS Location

    Penrith RMS has now moved to 333 High Street Penrith NSW. They are now part of Services NSW the big red building near the Police station. The building is located opposite St Nicholas of Myra primary school near the Penrith Police Station. This has implications for people learning to drive in Penrith. To contact RMS… Read More