• How To Pass Driving Test NSW

    How To Pass Driving Test NSW Over the years the driving test and licensing requirements have changed. With each change making it harder for you to get a drivers licence. Your best chance of passing is to Learn How to Pass the Driving Test NSW. The state Government has made driving tests tougher as part… Read More

  • Practice Driving Test NSW

    Practice Driving Test NSW A great way to ensure you are ready to pass the test is to take a Practice Driving Test NSW. At Learn to Drive our professional driving instructors specialise in their local test centres. With years of experience at preparing students to drive safely and pass the driving test first go… Read More

  • Driving Test Springwood NSW

    Driving Test Springwood NSW The Driving Test Springwood NSW is conducted from the Services NSW offices. Located at shop 14, 7-9 Raymond Road Springwood you can book your driving test online or in person. When you book your driving test you will be told that you need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled… Read More

  • Older Driver Assessment

     Older Driver Assessment An Older Driving Assessment is a driving assessment for a Class C driver licence. If you are aged 75 or older and you have been requested to undertake a driving assessment. There are a number of reasons you may be required to undertake a driving assessment including: An unsafe or medically unfit… Read More

  • Roundabout Rules NSW

    Roundabout Rules NSW As a driving instructor one of the most common questions I get from learner drivers and their supervising drivers relates to Roundabout Rules for NSW. The questions relating to roundabouts can be grouped into two broad categories. How do you indicate at roundabouts and Who has right of way at roundabouts? Learner… Read More

  • First Driving Lesson Expectations

    First Driving Lesson Expectations Learning to drive is an exciting time and taking your first driving lesson with a complete stranger can be daunting. This makes learning harder particularly when you are uncertain of what will happen in the lesson. At learn to drive we want your first driving lesson expectations to be realistic and… Read More

  • Supervising Learner Driver NSW

    Supervising learner Driver NSW The role of supervising a learner driver in NSW is a great responsibility that will have long lasting consequences. Research shows that the standard of on road driving experience a learner drivers receives plays a significant role in determining their ability to drive safely. Therefore it is very important that learner… Read More

  • Benefits of Driving Lessons

    Benefits of Driving Lessons There are many Benefits of Driving Lessons. Learning to drive from a qualified driving instructor will help ensure you have the skills you need to be a safe and competent driver. A qualified driving instructor can develop a learning plan that suits your needs. In order to develop a plan to… Read More

  • Tips for Learner Drivers

    Tips for Learner Drivers Learning to drive is a process that everyone goes through. No one just gets in a car and knows how to drive you need to learn how to drive. In NSW you have to tick a lot of boxes to get a provisional driving licence and it will take you more… Read More

  • Overtaking Cyclists NSW

     Overtaking Cyclists NSW When driving a car on NSW roads there are certain rules and regulations that apply for overtaking cyclists safely. These rules need to be followed so that everyone that shares the road can stay safe. Failing to follow these regulations can result in a hefty fine and the loss of demerit points… Read More

  • Mobile Phones and Driving NSW

    Mobile Phones and Driving The use of mobile phones by drivers has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. Particularly since the introduction of smart phones and the increase in the use of social media. Unfortunately this has also lead to an increase in the number of drivers being distracted and failing to concentrate on… Read More

  • Learner Log Book Mistakes

    Learner Log Book Mistakes Learner log book mistakes in NSW result in a lot test cancellations. As a driving instructor I spend a lot of time at the Roads & Maritime Services with my students who are doing driving tests. Because driving test centres run multiple driving tests simultaneously I get to see a lot… Read More

  • Slow Down for Emergency Vehicles NSW

    Slow Down for Emergency Vehicles NSW New road rules commenced on 26th September 2019, you must slow down for emergency vehicles NSW. Driving to the conditions of the road has always been a requirement for drivers in NSW, however some drivers have failed to slow down for emergency vehicles. As a result of this the… Read More

  • Driving Test Tips NSW

    Driving Test Tips NSW As you get closer to doing the driving test it is only natural to get nervous so we have prepared Driving Test Tips NSW. As a driving instructor I meet a lot of students who want to know how to pass the driving test. It can be daunting getting into a… Read More

  • Understanding Driving Test Score Sheet NSW

    Understanding Driving Test Score Sheet NSW I am a driving instructor in Western Sydney and over the years I have met many learner drivers who do not have a basic understanding Driving Test Score Sheet NSW. Over the years I have met a lot of students most of whom are getting their Provisional licence for… Read More

  • NSW Driving Test Score Sheet

     NSW Driving Test Score Sheet The NSW Driving Test Score Sheet is used to record your score in the driving test. Because the driving test is an on road assessment you will need to show the testing officer from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) that you can drive safely. During the driving test your… Read More

  • Hazard Perception Test NSW

    Hazard Perception Test NSW The Hazard Perception Test NSW (HPT) is a computer based test. Before you can book your driving test you have to pass the hazard perception test. It is part of the testing process to progress from a learner driver to a Provisional drivers licence. What is the Hazard Perception Test The… Read More

  • Why do I need driving lessons

    Why Do I Need Driving Lessons Taking driving lessons is a great way to ensure you learn the correct driving techniques and how to drive safely. Like employing safe driving techniques to help you avoid dangerous situations on the road. Research shows that you are at a far greater risk of being involved in a… Read More

  • How many driving lessons will I need

    How many driving lessons will I need As a driving instructor I have had a lot of students over many years and one of the most common questions I get is “How many lessons will I Need”. Whilst you are not required to have professional driving lessons before you take the driving test in New… Read More


    Stress free way to teach teens to drive Each student learns to drive differently. Finding a stress free way to teach teens to drive is an important first step. Lessons tailored to specific, individual needs are hugely beneficial to your teen while learning how to drive. At Learn to Drive Driving School, we offer an… Read More

  • Defensive driving or low risk driving

    Defensive Driving Defensive driving or low risk driving goes beyond simply knowing the road rules and having a good driving technique. There are many things you need to learn before you can develop safe driving techniques. For instance you need to know the road rules and have a good driving technique. Because you need to… Read More

  • Night Driving

    Night Driving Driving a car at night time is very different to driving a car during the day time. When you drive a car during the daytime it is much easier to see other vehicles, people or objects. This dramatically improves your ability to identify hazards early. You need to identify hazards early to reduce… Read More

  • Choosing a Driving School

    Choosing a Driving School Choosing a driving school that has great instructors and a great training program is essential to becoming a safe driver. We all know that it is important to have a good teacher and the best person to teach you to drive is a driving instructor. There is a lot of research… Read More

  • Preparing for Driving Test

    Preparing for Driving Test Preparing for the driving test is like preparing for any other test. If you prepare properly for it then you will find it easier to pass. The driving test can be broadly defined as testing you on two components which are the road rules and driving safely. It is easy to… Read More

  • Driving Lessons in Springwood

    Driving Lessons in Springwood At Learn to Drive Driving School we have been providing high quality Driving Lessons in Springwood for years. Teaching students how to drive safely and pass the driving test is what we do. Our fully qualified instructors have a good working relationship with the examiners at Springwood and they know the… Read More

  • Learning to drive in Richmond

    Learning To Drive Richmond Hawkesbury When Learning To Drive in Richmond Hawkesbury area you should consider Learn To Drive Driving School. We have local driving instructors that specialises in preparing students to pass the Driving Test first go. Because we specialise in providing professional driving lessons in your area our instructors have a good working… Read More

  • New Penrith RMS Location

    Penrith RMS Penrith RMS has now moved to 333 High Street Penrith NSW. They are now part of Services NSW the big red building near the Police station. The building is located opposite St Nicholas of Myra primary school near the Penrith Police Station. This has implications for people learning to drive in Penrith. To… Read More