Service NSW Springwood

Service NSW Springwood was officially opened on Friday 14th December 2018. As part of the state Government’s program to convert Roads & Maritime Services offices to Service NSW shop fronts. Because the state government has been expanding the size and scope of their Government offices.

Springwood is a vibrant town located in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Located 72 kilometres west of Sydney near the Blue Mountains NAtional Park and Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage site. The new Services NSW Springwood offices are located at Raymond Mall Shop 14, 7-9 Raymond Road Springwood. With the entrance now located in Springwood Avenue.

Services NSW has transformed the way residents of  the lower Blue Mountains can access government services. Because residents now having access to approximately 40 different NSW Government Services. Which is a lot more than was previously available in Springwood. Therefore local residents now have far greater access to state Government services in Springwood and the Blue Mountains.

In addition to motor vehicle tests and registrations there are also a number of other Government services you can access at Services NSW Springwood. These include

  • Birth, Marriage and Death certificates
  • Boating and fishing licences
  • NSW Photo Cards
  • NSW Boat Licences
  • Security Licences
  • Firearm Licences
  • Commercial and Private inquiry cards

Office Hours Service NSW Springwood

Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday Closed

Service NSW Springwood Driving lessons

RMS Springwood

The Roads & Maritime Services Springwood is now located in the Services NSW Springwood office. Therefore all services previously offered by the RMS SPringwood are still available in Springwood. Driving tests and motor vehicle registrations are still provided by the RMS in Springwood.

Learn to Drive provides a number of services relating to Services NSW Springwood. Because we are a driving school our services relate to driving matters including driving lessons and driving tests. Therefore we spend a lot of time preparing students for their driving test with the Roads & Maritime Services at Services NSW.

Learn to Drive Service NSW Springwood:

Automatic Driving Lessons: Each lesson is for one hour and includes the use of our car. Students can do a double lesson which lasts for two hours if they want.

Specialised Driver Training: As an approved NDIS provider we offer Specialised driver training in the Blue Mountains. Because  highly trained instructor has nationally recognised qualifications in rehabilitation training. We provide specialised driving lessons for people with learning and physical disabilities. In addition we also work with Occupational Therapists to provide driver assessments and rehabilitation training.

Assistance with Driving Tests Springwood

Trial Driving Tests Springwood: This allows you to learn how the examiners mark the driving test. As well as allowing you to experience doing the driving test on exam conditions. Therefore you should do a trial driving test before your real driving test to ensure you are fully prepared.

Driving Test Packages: This is the best way to do your driving test. Because we will take you for a drive and go over the things you will be tested on. In addition to ironing out any test day nerves you will have the opportunity go over any last minute concerns you may have.

Learn to Drive provides quality driving lessons for anyone who would like to brush up on their driving skills.

RMS Springwood Services

Many residents of Springwood and the Lower Blue Mountains will remember the old Roads & Maritime Services offices. In fact many residents would have visited the old RMS offices over the years. The good news is the Roads & Maritime Services have expanded and moved into the new Services NSW offices. Therefore all services previously provided by the Roads & Maritime Services in Springwood have been maintained. These include:

  • Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)
  • Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
  • Driving Test
  • Older Driver Assessment
  • Apply for a mobility Parking scheme card
  • Motor Vehicle Registration applications and transfers

In New South Wales there is a graduated licencing system for driving licences. As such there is a number of steps you will need to complete before you are eligible for a full drivers licence. Therefore you have to complete each step in the graduated licencing program before progressing to the next step.

RTA Springwood

The Roads & Traffic Authority was formed in 1989 as an agency of the New South Wales Government. The RTA was responsible for major road infrastructure projects as well as motor vehicle registrations and issuing driving licences.

For most residents in Springwood and the Blue Mountains their main contact with the RTA would have been related to motor vehicle registrations and driving licences. Some residents may recall the RTA in Springwood, in fact many people would remember when the RTA merged with the Maritime Services in 2011. The biggest change apart from the name was the fact that you could now get a boating licence at the Springwood RMS.