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Driving School Wetherill Park

Thank you for visiting Learn to Drive Driving School Wetherill Park. We have been preparing students to drive safely and pass the driving test for many years. Our qualified driving instructors are passionate about road safety and preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving. A driving instructor is the best person to teach you how to pass the driving test. As well as helping you develop safe driving techniques that will stay with you after the test. Which means you can relax and enjoy your driving lesson because we will teach you to drive safely.

Why choose Learn to Drive Wetherill Park?

  • Full 1 hour lesson. 
  • 3 for 1  Log book hours
  • RMS accredited instructors
  • Modern automatic cars
  • Fully Insured
  • Dual controls for your safety
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Package deals available
  • Exceptional pass Rate

Best Driving School Wetherill Park

There are many reasons why we believe our driving school is the best. First of all we have a great training program that has been developed and tested over many years. This ensure’s you learn everything you need to know to be a good driver and pass the driving test.

Secondly we have great driving instructors and we all know that you learn more with a good teacher. There is no point paying for a driving lesson if you do not learn how to drive properly. Because everyone has different skill levels and experience you need to find a driving school where you can learn the things you need to know.

Because our driving school has a great training program and great teachers you will learn more in your lesson and reach your goals sooner. To learn more about why you should choose Learn to Drive please read our blog on choosing a driving school.

Learn to Drive Students Pass First Go!


Driving Lessons Wetherill Park

Each driving lesson in Wetherill Park is conducted by a fully qualified driving instructor who specialises in the local area. Which means they have local knowledge about the driving test as well as the difficult road conditions in your area. Over the years we have developed a good working relationship with the examiners at the Roads & Maritime services. Therefore we know what they are looking for and how they mark the test.

Each driving lesson is tailored to suit your specific needs. In other words we will teach you what you need to know instead of wasting your time with the things you already know. In addition you will receive a student record card that shows you what you need to work on. Which means you will have something to refer to when practicing with your supervising driver and you will be able to focus on the things you need to improve.

Single Diving Lesson Wetherill Park: Is a great way to meet your driving instructor in Glenwood and confirm that we are as good as we say. For more information on what to expect in your first driving lesson please read our blog “First Driving Lesson Expectations.”

Services provided by Learn to Drive Driving School

Basic Driving Lessons: Structured driving lessons designed for learner drivers who are beginners or intermediate drivers with less than 50 Log Book Hours. Focusing on the fundamentals of driving including vehicle operation,  cornering and road position as well as applying road rules whilst driving.


Defensive Driving Courses: Designed specifically for learner drivers with more than 50 Log Book Hours. Designed to develop your ability to identify potentially hazardous situations and apply the correct low risk driving strategies.


Driving Test Preparation: During these driving lessons we focus on the essential elements required to pass the NSW Driving Test. Learn your required observation checks including “Head checks” and how to park to the required standard in the test.


Practice Driving Test: Conducted under exam conditions by your industry leading Learn To Drive driving instructor. Learn how the driving examiners mark the driving test. Compare your skills to the Transport for NSW driving test standards.


Behind-the-wheel Training: You need a lot of practical driving experience to become a good driver. With Learn to Drive you will spend most of the lesson driving and refining your skills. Whilst some driving instructors prefer to spend most of the lesson talking and explaining, we know you need to practice what you have learnt.


Use of car for driving test: Transport for NSW requires you to supply the car for your driving test. Why not use the car you have been taking your lessons in. Using the car you have been learning in will make you more relaxed and confident for the test.

Driving Lesson Packages Wetherill Park

Basic Package Wetherill Park: This is a three lesson package that is ideal for those who just need to brush up on a few things for the driving test. Maybe you need help with the manoeuvres like reverse parking or maybe you are not sure about  your required observation checks (head checks).

Alternatively maybe you just need a few lessons to learn how to steer and get mobile before you start driving with mum and Dad.

Safe Driving Package Wetherill Park: A five lesson package for those who want to learn more and become a better driver. If you are a new driver you will not only learn the basics of driving a car, you will also start learning safe driving techniques and how to minimize your risk of being in a motor vehicle accident.

If you are getting ready for the test this package will make sure you have a good driving technique. In addition you will also learn what the examiners are looking for and how they mark the driving test.

Comprehensive Driving Package Wetherill Park:

This is a ten lesson package that is designed for the person who wants to become a good driver. Whether you are just starting to learn to drive or you are just getting ready for the driving test you will benefit from the comprehensive driving package.

Research shows that the standard of on road driver education you receive plays a significant role in determining your ability to drive safely. This package will help you develop better decision making skills and improve your ability to drive safely.


Our Wetherill Park Driving Lesson Prices are:

Single Lesson $65
Basic Package (Three Lessons) $192
Safe Driving Package (Five Lessons) $310
Comprehensive Driving Package (Ten Lessons) $610
Trial Test $75


What our Students Say about Learn to Drive

By Far the best driving school I have been with and with just a few lessons I passed my P 1 test with flying colours. Thank you so much
Amazing Driving Instructor, gave good and detailed lessons. So helpful that I passed my test first try.
I had great experience during my learning time with Learn To Drive Driving School and my amazing instructor Michael. Initially I thought I was the person that would never be able to learn how to drive. I was scared even to sit on the driver seat , let along driving. I had great anxiety and fear. Michael was the person who helped me to overcome my fears. He was consistently patient, understanding, calm, and explained to me several times if I could not understand something. I felt secure and I felt that I was gradually starting to enjoy the process of driving as I grew my confidence. Michael always gave me the best advice and he went over and beyond to prepare me for the driving test, and I passed it and got my P's . Learning can be fun, and I will always be remembering these lessons with a smile, because I enjoyed them and had a great time. I highly recommend this driving school and Michael, thanks again for your great work and for teaching me.

Services provided by Learn to Drive in your area

  • Trial Driving Test
  • Use of car for driving test
  • FREE Keys2Drive Lesson
  • Refresher Lessons
  • Overseas licence conversions
  • Aged Driving Assessments
  • Automatic Driving Instructors
  • Manual Driving Instructors
  • Pick up & Drop off in Local area
  • NDIS approved provider

Driving Instructors Wetherill Park

Research shows that the quality of the driving instruction you receive when learning to drive plays a significant role in determining how safe you will be on the road. That is why we make sure our driving instructors are fully trained and approved by the Roads & Maritime Services. In addition to that our driving instructors undertake additional training to ensure they are of the highest quality. Because we want you to get the most out of each lesson.

Some driving instructors certificates and qualifications include:

  • Cert. IV Driving Instruction Car
  • Cert. IV Training and Assessment
  • Working with Children Certificate
  • Keys2Drive approved
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator Module 1
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach Module 2
  • RMS approved Driving Instructor
  • RMS approved aged driving Assessor
  • Heavy Vehicle Licence
  • Rehabilitation trained driving instructor
  • Curtin University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum”
  • Western Sydney University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum”

Local Driving Instructors

At learn to drive we make sure that our instructors know the local area. When you have a driving lesson you can relax in the knowledge that your driving instructor knows the local road conditions. That means they can show you what to look out for and how to drive safely. In addition they know what the local examiners will test you on and that means we can get you ready for the test

Driving Tips & Blogs

Roundabout Rules NSW

roundabout rules infographic small

There are a lot of students who fail the driving test at Roundabouts. During your test you need to know what the rules are and how to apply them in real life situations.

Common mistakes made at roundabouts include:

  • Gap Selection,
  • Indicating,
  • Give way rules at Roundabouts,
  • Disobey road markings.

Supervising Learner Drivers

Learning to drive is an important event in any persons life. Research shows that the standard of on road training a learner driver receives has a significant impact on their ability to drive safely.

When teaching someone to drive there are a number of things you need to know including.

  • Supervising Driver legal requirements
  • Learner Driver restrictions.
  • How to teach someone to drive.