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Driving Lessons Liverpool

Thank you for visiting our website! If you are looking for the best Driving Lessons Liverpool at an affordable price you have come to the right place. Because we have the best instructors and a great training program. Students can relax in the knowledge that each driving lesson is designed  to meet your individual learning needs. Therefore you can learn to drive in a relaxed and stress free environment.

Best Driving Lessons

Research shows that it is important to get the Best Driving Lessons when learning to drive. Because learning to drive properly will make you a safer driver. That is why we have great driving instructors and our exclusive Better Way Training program.

There are many reasons why our lessons are the best. Students can learn more in an hour and the instructor informs each student about what they need to practice.  Once you have learnt all this new information it is very easy to forget some of it over time. That is why we give you a student record card.

Your student record card lists all the things you could be tested on. It shows you what you have learnt and more importantly what you have to improve on. Then when you go for a drive you can refer back to your student record card and make sure you prepare properly for the test.

Because you are able to learn more and practice the key elements of safe driving you will become a safer driver.

Why Choose Learn to drive?

  • Full one hour lesson
  • Modern air conditioned cars
  • Exclusive Better Way Training Program
  • Dual Controlled cars
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Fully Insured

Affordable Driving Lessons Liverpool

Our Liverpool Driving Lesson Prices are:

Single Lesson $55
Basic Package (Three Lessons) $159
Safe Driving Package (Five Lessons) $260
Comprehensive Driving Package (Ten Lessons) $500
Trial Test $75

We all want to get the best service at the best price and that is what we offer at Learn To Drive. Because no one wants to pay too much we make sure you learn more in each driving lesson. Hence we have the best instructors and we are regularly undertaking additional training. Which means we know more and can teach you more. When choosing a driving school ask yourself does the school offer:

  • Automatic Driving Lessons
  • FREE Keys2Drive Lessons
  • Safer Drivers Courses

Because we have more qualifications and are approved to teach various courses on behalf of the state and Federal governments you get the benefits of that knowledge and experience.

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How do I compare Affordable Driving Lessons

When comparing prices for driving lessons you are really comparing how much you pay with how much you learn. When you learn more and become a better driver you get better value. With our exclusive Better Way training program we are able to target the specific areas you need to work on. There is no point in going over what you already know. When you learn something new you need time to practice it. That’s why we have full one hour driving lessons to make sure you have time to perfect your driving technique.

Choosing a Driving School

The biggest decision you will make when Learning to drive is getting the best driving instructor. There is no point paying someone who does not know how to teach you to drive. Make sure you get the right instructor to teach you the correct way to drive.