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Driving School Gregory Hills

Are you looking for a fantastic Driving School Gregory Hills? We provide high quality driving lessons at an affordable price. With No Yelling and relaxed environment you can relax and learn to drive. With great driving instructors and our exclusive Better Way training program you will learn more in an hour.

Our dedicated Driving Instructors are here to ensure that you learn to drive safely. With many years experience we know how to get you ready to pass your Driving Test successfully. Our instructors are qualified and approved by the Roads and Maritime Services. With extensive knowledge of your area we are authorised to teach all types of students. Whether you are a beginner with little or no experience or you are in your final stages of preparing for your Driving Test, we provide you with quality training.

At Learn to Drive you are in good hands and on the way to become a safe and confident driver. We specialise in teaching you driving practices that will prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving. So, if you are looking for a suitable Driving School, you need to look no further.


Services provided by Learn to Drive Driving School

Basic Driving Lessons: Structured driving lessons designed for learner drivers who are beginners or intermediate drivers with less than 50 Log Book Hours. Focusing on the fundamentals of driving including vehicle operation,  cornering and road position as well as applying road rules whilst driving.


Defensive Driving Courses: Designed specifically for learner drivers with more than 50 Log Book Hours. Designed to develop your ability to identify potentially hazardous situations and apply the correct low risk driving strategies.


Driving Test Preparation: During these driving lessons we focus on the essential elements required to pass the NSW Driving Test. Learn your required observation checks including “Head checks” and how to park to the required standard in the test.


Practice Driving Test: Conducted under exam conditions by your industry leading Learn To Drive driving instructor. Learn how the driving examiners mark the driving test. Compare your skills to the Transport for NSW driving test standards.


Behind-the-wheel Training: You need a lot of practical driving experience to become a good driver. With Learn to Drive you will spend most of the lesson driving and refining your skills. Whilst some driving instructors prefer to spend most of the lesson talking and explaining, we know you need to practice what you have learnt.


Use of car for driving test: Transport for NSW requires you to supply the car for your driving test. Why not use the car you have been taking your lessons in. Using the car you have been learning in will make you more relaxed and confident for the test.

Our special pricing for Gregory Hills is:

Driving Lesson Auto 1.5 Hours$115Buy
Double Lesson Auto 2 Hours$145Buy
Introductory Package Auto (3 Hours)$222Buy
Safe Driving Package Auto (5 Hours)$360
Better Way Driving Package (10 Hours)$700Buy
Practice Driving Test & Driving Lesson (2 Hour)$160Buy
Test Package Auto (2 Hours)$199Buy
City Drive Auto (4 Hours)$345Buy


Why choose Learn to Drive

At Learn to Drive we offer:

  • Full 1 hour lessons. We won’t waste your time
  • RMS accredited instructors
  • Modern Air conditioned cars
  • Fully Insured
  • Dual controls for your safety
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Package deals available
  • Exceptional pass Rate

Best Driving School Gregory Hills

When you choose Learn to Drive Driving School you will not be disappointed. We offer value for money with our lessons and also provide you with quality service. Teaching you in a controlled and safe environment is our main priority. We make sure you learn the correct techniques needed to be a safe driver.

We think it is important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed while learning to drive. With this in mind we tailor your lessons to bring out the best in your driving capability. This in turn will ensure that you enjoy a stress free experience that will teach you more of what you need to know.

We pride ourselves in our exclusive Better Way Training Program and are delighted that we can pass on our knowledge to our students. We guarantee you quality lessons as we adapt to your learning style to achieve that you become a better driver in the process.  Book one of our interesting and informative lessons and find out for yourself.

Driving Lessons Gregory Hills

Each Driving Lessons Gregory Hills student gets Three log book hours in their log book for the first ten lessons. Add to that a professional driving lesson that is tailored to you specific needs. We won’t waste your time on things you already know. Because your driving lesson will focus on the things you need to know.

At the end of your lesson you will receive a written report which shows you what you need to work on. That way you and your supervising driver can focus on the things you need to improve on. This will save you time and make you better prepared for the driving test. As well as a life time of safe driving.

Book online and start driving with Learn to Drive

Best Driving Lessons Gregory Hills

With many years experience and a lot of additional training we are able to teach you more. When you combine that with great instructors and a structured lesson plan you get great results. Unfortunately too many students spend too long practicing bad driving techniques. We will quickly identify and correct those bad habits, but the longer you have been using a bad habit the longer it will take you to change.

Driving Instructor Gregory Hills

Research shows that the standard of driving instruction you receive has a big impact on your driving ability. The fact is you need to learn to drive from a good instructor. Because our driving instructors know how to teach students to drive as well as knowing what to teach you, you will be surprised at how much you learn. We have many years experience and we specialize in your local area. Having a driving instructor with local knowledge and local experience is a great help.