Why work at Learn To Drive

1) Excellent Job satisfaction

  •  Our exclusive Better Way training program means you will have all the tools you need to train people to drive. Training someone to drive safely makes you feel great

2) Flexible work schedule

  • Say good by to the 9-5 lifestyle and hello to freedom. Freedom to choose when you work. Schedule your lessons to suit your lifestyle.

3) Fantastic Working Conditions

  •  Less travelling time between lessons. We specialise in Penrith, Richmond and Springwood test centres. This means all your students are in a small geographical area, (unlike other schools that cover vast areas).
  • Best Remuneration package. Talk to us to find out why ours is the best.

4) Full support

  •  We know you need support from management to reach your full potential. At Learn To Drive Driving School we have the Better Way Training Program, to ensure you have the best on going training and support possible.

5) Pride and Reputation

  • When you work for Learn To Drive you can be proud of the fact that you are part of a team that changes peoples lives for the better.
  •  Our reputation in the community is second to none. Just look at the glowing reviews we receive from students. We may not be the biggest, but we are the best.

6) Job Opportunities all over Sydney

  • We are looking for Penrith driving instructors, Richmond driving instructors and Springwood driving instructors.
    If you wish to seek a career in driving instructing in these areas please get in touch so we can get started!


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