Driving Instructors

The best person to teach you to drive is a driving instructor. When it comes to learning how to drive you have a choice. You can learn from someone who has zero experience at teaching people to drive,  or you can learn from professional driving instructors. Because driving instructors teach a lot of people to drive they have a lot of experience and knowledge that they can share with you. In addition they have a lot of experience at identifying and correcting any faults you may have as a driver. The question is do you want to learn from someone who is a trained professional with extensive experience at teaching learner drivers to drive?

There has been a lot of research that shows the standard of on road driving experience you get as a learner plays an important role in determining your ability to drive safely. Because you need to get good quality driving experience with someone who teaches you how to drive properly. Therefore when learning to drive you need to make sure that you get the best driving instruction and guidance possible.

I have been a driving instructor for many years and I spend most of my time correcting poor driving techniques. A driving instructor has spent more time learning how to teach someone to drive. Therefore they know more about driving including the correct technique to use when driving. They also know how to teach you to drive.


Professional Driving Instructors

All driving instructors in New South Wales are required to complete a specialised driving instructors course before they become a driving instructor. Unfortunately there are too many people working as driving instructors who are not qualified. Therefore you should make sure that the person you are paying is actually qualified to teach you to drive.

Whilst all driving instructors are required to have minimum qualifications there are some drivers that choose to learn more and become better driving instructors. It’s only logical that the person who has completed more training and developed more skills will be able to teach you more.

As a minimum a professional driving instructor needs to complete an appropriate driving instructors course. To learn more about this course you can visit the Governments training website here TLI41218.  When comparing driving instructors you want to make sure you get a good one who is going to teach you to drive to a high standard.


Consider the following things before choosing a driving instructor:

  • Are they a fully licensed driving instructor. Any person who teaches someone to drive for money is required by law to be a licensed driving instructor. Only deal with an instructor who is approved by the Roads & Maritime Services. Confirm that they have an instructors licence.
  • Do they teach low risk driving? The purpose of paying for driving lessons is to learn how to drive safely.
  • Do they complete a Driving instructor Structured Lesson Planner at the end of each lesson. Your instructor needs to make sure that they teach you everything.
  • Is the training one-on-one (not three in the car)
  • Are they members of the Australian Driver Trainers Association and required to comply with the code of practice

Affordable Driving Instructors

Everyone wants to get the best price and when you are looking for a driving instructor the reality is some instructors are better qualified. Therefore when you are considering which driving school to deal with you also need to consider the qualifications of the instructor. The reality is a better instructor will be able to identify and correct any errors. In addition a driving instructor who has undertaken additional studies will have more knowledge. Therefore they will be able to teach you more and help you become a better driver.

Some driving instructors will charge you less money but they will not give you a full one hour driving lesson. If you have an instructor who has two students in the car at the same time you are wasting your money. You need one on one tuition so that the instructor can focus on your driving. If your instructor keeps going over the same things you are not learning anything NEW and you are wasting your money.

Make sure your driving instructor has full insurance. Whilst you are learning to drive you might make a mistake. You do not want to make a mistake and then find out that you are not covered by insurance. Better quality driving instructors will also have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

The most affordable driving instructor is the one who teaches you everything you need to learn for the least amount of money. Paying a couple of dollars less and doing more lessons will cost you more money. If your instructor only teaches you a couple of things in a lesson you will do more lessons. The more you learn in a lesson means you will need less lessons.