Cheap Driving Lessons

Cheap driving lessons come at a price. You will always find someone with a cheaper price. With just a quick search online, I was able to find driving lessons for $30! A lot of driving schools offered prices of $40 and $50 for the first lesson. In addition, a number of schools offered FREE lessons!

Which begs the question, ‘What do you get for your money?’ If everyone offered the exact same product, surely the more expensive driving schools would go out of business? Yet I also found a lot of driving schools offering lessons for $60 up to $89 per lesson. How do they stay in business and what do they provide that makes people pay so much more for a driving lesson?

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When trying to compare driving lesson prices, I noticed that a lot of driving schools tend to use similar terms or phrases. Terms like professional, cheapest, safe, best, affordable are all used.

In addition you will receive assurances that the instructors use the best teaching techniques. They will also prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving.

Which begs the question; what is cheap? According to the Oxford dictionary, the word cheap can be used in 2 ways:

  1. Low in price especially in relation to similar items or services.
  2. Of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort.

Therefore you must decide if you are getting a similar service at a lower price. Or are you getting something of little value?

At Learn to Drive Driving School, we recommend you find a driving school that offers high quality driving lessons at a good price.


Looking Beyond Price: Finding Value in a Driving School

When attempting to decide if the driving school you are dealing with is cheap and of little or no value, you need to look past the price.

After all, you want a good price, not low quality and an inferior service.

When you purchase a driving lesson you are not just buying the driving instructors time, you are also buying:

  1. The driving instructors experience and knowledge. A person who has been teaching people to drive for many years will have a lot of knowledge and experience. You are buying those years of knowledge and experience.
  2. The Driving Schools procedures. These play an important role in determining how the driving instructor conducts the lesson. Anyone can drive around with a learner driver. The key is to find an instructor who can quickly identify the learners weaknesses and correct them. Some learners have poor techniques such as road position or steering. Other learners have gaps in their knowledge of the road rules.

Finding a driving school that can help you become a better driver is the most important factor in obtaining the best value driving lessons. Paying a small amount of money and learning nothing is a waste of time and money.

Some things to consider when choosing a professional driving school include:

  1. How long has your driving instructor been teaching learner drivers?
  2. Was your driving instructor working in another industry last year?
  3. Does the driving school have structured lessons that can be tailored to suit your needs?
  4. Does the driving school have full insurance? They all say they do, but in reality many of them only have comprehensive car insurance. That’s the same insurance most people have on their car. Professional driving instructors will also have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


your life matters


At Learn to Drive Driving School we have been teaching learner drivers since 2012 and all of our driving instructors are fully insured. That includes professional indemnity and public liability insurance. When you take a driving lesson with learn to drive you will learn more and become a safe driver in a shorter period of time.

Avoid driving Lessons of little worth

In order to find cheap lessons that are low in price, you must first eliminate the cheap lessons that are of little or no worth. To do this you have to make sure that you are not trading quality for price.

According to one study by the University of Technology Sydney, one in three businesses fail in the first year. Two out of four businesses have failed by the end of the second year and three out of four businesses have failed by the end of the fifth year.

Do you really want to pay for driving lessons with a driving school that is so bad that it goes out of business in less than one year?

An easy way to ensure you do not waste your money with poor quality driving lessons is to deal with a driving school that has been in business for more than 5 years.

How to compare driving school prices

When trying to decide on a driving school it is tempting to look at the advertised price. Some schools will offer a cheap introductory or first lesson price. Then charge more for additional lessons.

Other driving schools will offer a cheap price but give you a shorter lesson. Or worse still, they will spend most of the lesson parked on the side of the road talking about things you already know.

When comparing, take into account:

  • How long is the lesson?
  • How much will you learn?
  • How good is the driving instructor?
  • Will you learn how to pass the driving test?
  • How many lessons will you need?

There is no point having ten lessons at a cheaper price and failing the driving test because you did not learn how to drive.

Is it cheaper to do lessons in your own car?

Yes it is cheaper to do driving lessons in your own car. Particularly if you have a fully licensed driver who will drive with you and teach you to drive for FREE.

However, your car will not be fitted with dual controls. So, if you make a mistake and end up crashing it could be very expensive.

In NSW, learner drivers under 25 years of age are required to complete 120 log book hours. Therefore it is highly likely that you will be doing many of those log book hours in your own car with a licensed driver who is not a qualified driving instructor.

Are there Cheap Driving Lessons Near Me?

Obviously there are vast differences in pricing and lesson quality between driving school and driving instructors. The quality of driving lessons provided in your area will depend on a number of factors.

Some driving lessons are conducted by people who have little or no experience as driving instructors. In addition some instructors are simply not good teachers. They lack the ability to identify and correct poor driving techniques.


Cheap Driving Lessons Sydney

Sydney is a big place and there are a lot of driving schools offering cheap driving lessons. Therefore, pricing will vary greatly from suburb to suburb. However it is common in many areas of Sydney to find driving lessons from $40 upwards.

Whilst the initial price per lesson may be cheap, the real question is how many lessons will you need to learn how to drive. There is no point in paying someone for driving lessons if you do not learn how to drive. It is better to pay someone more money if you learn more and pass the driving test.


What About Driving Lesson Discounts?

Whilst most driving schools offer a variety of discount prices to attract customers, you need to make sure you are getting value for money. Paying less money and learning less is not a good deal.

When trying to decide if you have a good driving instructor you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What will I learn?
  • Can the instructor actually teach me something or are they just driving around with me for an hour?
  • Do I understand why I am being told to do something?
  • When a driving instructor tells you to do a required observation;
    • Have they defined where you are required to look?
    • Do you know when you are required to do the observation check?
    • Why are you doing the observation check?

Unfortunately, a lot of driving instructors will tell you that you have to do your required observation checks. In addition, they will tell you that you will fail if you miss three required observation checks. But they will not tell you how to do it, when to do it, or why you should do it.

It is impossible to do something if you can not define what it is. Or how to do it. Or why you should do it.

At Learn to Drive Driving School, we have a variety of package deals to suit your skill level and needs.

What About Doing Driving Lessons Online?!

Many online businesses will offer you a online driving course for a small fee.

Unfortunately driving requires you to actually drive a car.

This is not something you can learn on a computer. Sure you can learn some aspects of driving online, such as road rules or the concepts of driving like steering. However you can not actually learn how to steer a car without actually steering a car. Then when you have learnt how to steer a car and you get into another car, you will notice a few things:

  • Cars come in different sizes, this affects the cars steering and handling characteristics.
  • Cars have different size steering wheels.
  • Cars have different size wheels.
  • Some cars have power steering, whilst others have rack and pinion steering.

All these things affect a cars handling and steering. you need to learn how to steer properly.



When it comes to choosing a driving school, focusing solely on the cheapest price may not lead to the best value. It’s essential to consider factors beyond the price, such as the instructor’s experience, teaching procedures, and the overall quality of lessons. The goal should be to find a driving school that offers high-quality lessons at a reasonable price, ensuring effective learning and safe driving. Online driving courses may provide some information, but nothing can replace hands-on experience in learning how to drive a car properly. At Learn to Drive Driving School, we offer custom packages and experienced instructors to help you become a skilled and confident driver. Contact us today!