How Much Does a Driving Lesson Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much does a driving lesson cost? The fact is that there is a huge difference in the prices charged for driving lessons.

Just as there is a huge difference in the quality of driving lessons provided to students.

In Western Sydney it’s common to see lesson prices range from $50 to $90. However you may see prices under $50.

So let’s have a look at the difference in lesson prices and get a better understanding of what you get for your money.


How much does a driving lesson cost?


What do You Get With The Cheapest Driving Lessons?

You will always find someone who will provide an inferior product at a cheaper price.

Learning in an Old Car

I have seen driving instructors who will do driving lessons with students in old cars. When you are learning to drive I would suggest you find an instructor with a newer car that has a Five Star ANCAP rating. It is much safer and more comfortable to drive in a newer car.

How much does a driving lesson cost using Your own Car

Some driving instructors will charge less money if you do a driving lesson in your own car. Whilst this may sound like a good idea, there are some downsides.

First of all your car does not have dual controls, which means the instructor can not help you if you make a mistake.

Secondly every car handles and drives differently, therefore doing a lesson in another car will actual help you become a better driver.

Inexperienced Driving Instructors

Inexperienced driving instructor will charge less money for a driving lesson because they are not very good at their job. Which means you will not learn as much or even worse, you will not be taught the correct way.

As a driving instructor acquires more experience they will usually become better at teaching students to driver. A driving instructor who has a good knowledge of the road rules and is good at teaching students to drive is not likely to offer cheap driving lessons.

Cheaper lessons means less time and lower quality

Some driving instructors will charge less money for a driving lesson and reduce the time of the lesson. Most driving schools will provide a standard 1 hour lesson, however some driving schools will provide 45 minute lessons.

Two Students per Lesson

In addition to this some instructors will do a lesson with 2 students in the car. Therefore, they will charge both students a cheaper lesson fee and then have one student drive, whilst the 2nd student sits in the back seat.

Furthermore they will conduct the lesson whilst driving to pick up the second student or alternatively drop off one of the students.

What is an Average Driving Lesson Price?

The average price of driving lessons varies greatly from suburb to suburb. Average driving lesson prices in Penrith, Richmond and the Blue Mountains are in the range of $60 to $75 for automatic driving lessons.

The more experience a driving instructor has, the greater the level of service they can provide. As such, an experienced instructor will tend to have a smaller car. As the smaller car will make it easier for the student to learn how to drive and park the car.

In addition, the experience driving instructor is more likely to have developed a structured lesson plan. This means they will have procedures in place to ensure you learn everything you need to know. Whereas an instructor without structured lessons and systems in place is more likely to leave things out. There is no point paying for lessons if your lessons are incomplete.


Look for a Quality, Affordable Driving School

When selecting a driving school, you want to get the most out of each driving lesson. It’s better value to pay $75 for a 1 hour lesson and learn 2 things, than to pay $45 and only learn 1 thing.

In addition to looking at the price of the lesson you should consider

  • How long is the lesson?
  • How many students will be in the car?
  • Is the instructor fully qualified?
  • Does the instructor have additional qualifications?
  • How long has the instructor been teaching?
  • Is the instructor fully insured? Does the instructor have Public Liability insurance?
  • Does the car have a 5 star ANCAP rating

What do you get with Learn to Drive Driving School?

When you take a driving lesson with Learn to Drive you are not just paying for the 1 hour lesson.

In addition you are also paying for our exclusive Better Way training program, which has been developed over many years. As such you are accessing the combined knowledge of many experienced driving instructors with decades of experience.

Furthermore you will receive the benefit of a structured training program designed to meet the needs of every student. Regardless of you knowledge and experience we have the experience and knowledge to help you become a better driver.

How much does a driving lesson cost for Automatic & Manual cars?

With Learn to Drive, a 1 hour automatic driving lesson is $75 and a 1 hour manual driving lesson is $80.


What are the benefits of Learn to Drive Driving School?

We all know that a good teacher makes a huge difference to a student.

There is a limitation to the amount of knowledge you can get by reading a text book. This is amplified considerably when learning to drive. Driving is an active thing, you have to learn how to drive by doing it on the road in a real life situation.

You can not learn to drive by reading a book or playing a computer game. At learn to drive, you will learn more in a lesson and become a better driver because we have put the effort in designing the best driver education program for learner drivers.

Our commitment to our students is that we will provide high quality driving lessons with professional driving instructors. By utilizing the latest teaching methods and professionally design lessons, you will learn more and become a better driver with Learn to Drive.