Driving Lessons in Springwood

At Learn to Drive Driving School we have been providing high quality Driving Lessons in Springwood for years. Teaching students how to drive safely and pass the driving test is what we do. Our fully qualified instructors have a good working relationship with the examiners at Springwood and they know the local test tracks. When you learn to drive with our school you will become a better driver and learn how to pass the test first go.

Each testing centre has some things that make it different to other test centres. In the Blue Mountains one of the things that makes Springwood different is the steep hills and mountains. So if you are a manual driver you need to be very good at hill starts before attempting the driving test at Springwood.

Whilst Springwood NSW does not have any dual lane roundabouts they do have lots of narrow roads. It is the narrow roads in the mountains that tests students on things like their road position. It is important that you learn how to drive in the mountains from a Driving Instructor who knows have to drive in the mountains. With our driving school you can be assured that your driving instructor knows what is required to drive safely and pass the driving test.

In Springwood NSW you will also find cars parked on the sides of narrow roads and blind corners that make visibility difficult. When negotiating your way around the obstructions it is important you follow the correct stop and give way procedures.

When dealing with the Learn to Drive Driving School you can relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with a professional driving school. We guarantee:

• Full 1 Hour Driving Lessons
• RMS accredited Driving Instructors
• Comprehensive Driving Lessons