First Driving Lesson Expectations

Learning to drive is an exciting time and taking your first driving lesson with a complete stranger can be daunting. This makes learning harder particularly when you are uncertain of what will happen in the lesson. At learn to drive we want your first driving lesson expectations to be realistic and happy. That is why we have provided this outline, so you will know what to expect. Then you can relax and enjoy learning to drive.

  • Your Learn to drive driving instructor will pick you up and drop you off after the lesson. This can be from anywhere in your local area.
  • Your driving instructor will assess your driving skills and develop a plan to get you ready for the test.
  • Assessing your learning style will help your driving instructor develop a driver training program that suits you
  • A one hour lesson with an accredited driving instructor from Learn to Drive will get you 3 log book hours. This applies for your first ten driving lessons.

What will happen in the first driving lesson

first driving lesson expectations

Unfortunately the first driving lesson expectations of some students does not match the reality of the actual lesson. Some students think they can learn everything and be really good after one lesson. Unfortunately this is not the case, there is a reason why you have to do 120 hours of driving as a learner. It takes time to learn to drive and become good at driving.

Your learn to drive driving instructor will assess your driving and tailor the Learn to Drive the Better Way curriculum to suit your specific needs and learning style. This is important because it will make it easier for you and allow you to learn more in a lesson.

Your instructor will also rate your competency on the student record card. The student record card lists the competencies you will need to be able to pass the driving test. Your driving instructor will benchmark your driving standard to the requirements of the Roads & Maritime Services on each lesson.

You will then be able to use this information to practice with your supervising driver. As you learn or develop a driving skill in a lesson you can then practice with your parents. By gaining this additional practice your skill levels will improve and you will become a better driver.


Beyond the first lesson

After you have completed your first driving lesson you will have a list of things you need to learn or improve upon. This will be listed on your student record card together with your competency level relative to the standard required for the driving test. You will want to leave yourself enough time to practice and improve your competency before doing another driving lesson. But don’t leave it too long after a week your memory will decrease sharply and you will forget what you learnt in the previous driving lesson.

Book another lesson so that your driving instructor can check on what you have learnt. That way you will make sure you did not forget or leave anything out. Plus you will be able to confirm you are on the right path. On the second lesson your driving instructor will also teach you new things. This will help get you ready for the test as well as improve your overall driving.
Learn to Drive provide driving lessons, practice driving tests and driving test packages at the following locations:


What is the Safer Drivers Course

The safer driver course is designed for learner drivers who have completed 50 hours of actual on road driving. If you have the 50 hours of driving recorded in your log book talk to your instructor about enrolling in the course. You will get a bonus 20 log book hours and learn a lot of great tips on safer driving. At learn to drive we have driving instructors who are qualified safer driver course facilitators and coaches.

What is a Trial Test

At learn to drive we provide trial driving tests at the various test locations in Western Sydney. When you have learn the road rules and you know how to apply them in real life situations. The next step is to make sure you can do it under driving test conditions. In additions to simulating a driving test you also get to know what the examiners are looking for and how they mark the test.

When you have learnt all the things you can be tested on, it is a good idea to take a trial driving test with your driving instructor. That way you can make sure you are ready for the driving test.

First Driving Lesson Expectations

Can I do the test in the Learn to Drive Car

Yes you can use the car you learn to drive in for the actual driving test. You will need a car for the test as the Roads & Maritime Services do not provide cars for the test. It will be better for you to use a car that you are familiar with. You can also do a trial test with your driving instructor to make sure you are ready for the test. Because you want to pass the test and there are multiple test tracks you might want to do a couple of trial driving tests.