Free Driving Lesson

Everyone wants to receive a Free Driving Lesson and I am sure that all learner drivers would benefit from additional driving lessons.

The more people learn about driving, the better they become at it. Therefore all learner drivers should know that there are a number of programs available to help you become a better driver.

Looking for Free Driving Lessons ‘Near Me’?

Obviously you can go for drives with a fully licensed driver when you are a learner driver. For more information on who you can drive with as a learner driver, please visit the Transport for NSW website.

Anyone who holds a full driving license can take you for a drive. Unfortunately you may learn bad habits or poor driving skills if that person is not a good teacher.

Therefore it is important that you learn the correct way of driving. As such, taking a driving lesson with a qualified driving instructor will allow you to learn more and become a safer driver.

In addition, you will gain the most from a driving instructor who has a structured driving lesson plan.


Free Driving Lesson


3 for 1 Bonus Hours

In NSW when you take a driving lesson with a licensed NSW Driving Instructor you can record triple the time of your lesson in your log book. Therefore, if you do a one hour driving lesson it can be recorded as 3 log book hours.

Obviously it is hard for learner drivers under 25 years of age in NSW to complete the 120 log book hours. In addition to completing your required 120 log book hours, you also need to learn how to drive safely and pass the driving test. As such some professional driving lessons with a licensed instructor will greatly benefit your preparation for the driving test.

At Learn to Drive we provide quality driving lessons and all eligible learner drivers qualify for the additional 2 log book hours. Therefore you will effectively receive a free driving lesson when the additional hours are recorded in your log book.

Of course the bonus log book hours apply to all eligible learner drivers at all of our driving lesson locations and not just our Penrith Driving School location.

Free Safer Driver Courses available

Transport for NSW provides free safer driver course. This is a 5 hour course that will earn you 20 bonus log book hours when completed. Therefore this is a great opportunity for any learner driver to get a significant amount of the 120 log book hours required for the driving test.

See if you qualify by following the link to our  Safer Drivers Course page.

Free NDIS Driving Lessons

The National Disability Support Scheme pays for specialized Driving Lessons for participants with Learning and physical difficulties. Learn to Drive Driving School has a fully qualified driving instructor who is approved by the NDIS.

You may be able to access funding from the NDIS for specialized driver training as part of your NDIS plan. Please contact your plan manager or Local area Coordinator. As the NDIS may require an on-road driving assessment be completed with a driver trained Occupational Therapist you can arrange for this with Learn to Drive.



The Driver Licensing Access Program

It can be difficult for some people to meet the requirements for attaining a driving license. The consequences of this can be dramatically affect employment, education and health outcomes. Therefore the NSW Government provides support to a variety of people in NSW including

  • Aboriginal communities
  • refugee and resettlement communities
  • vulnerable young people

For more information on the Driver Licensing Access Program


Employment Agencies

Unemployed people can obtain funding for driving lessons to help them gain employment. You should talk to your employment agency to find out what assistance you can receive for driving lessons.


NSW State Government Programs

The state government of NSW helps disadvantaged learner drivers with a number of programs. Contact your case worker or the department of Communities and Justice for more information.

In addition there are a number of charitable organizations that provide driving lessons for disadvantage persons. As the size and scope of lessons offered varies over time, it is best if you contact the various organizations in your area.

I know that in the Western Suburbs of Sydney and the Blue Mountains assistance has been provided for learner drivers from a diverse range of places including:

  • Department of communities and justice
  • Salvation Army
  • uniting
  • Mission Australia
  • Wesley Mission