Learn to Drive in NSW


When you Learn to Drive in NSW you will become a safe and confident driver who can pass the driving test on the first attempt. Too often learner drivers do not learn the correct way to drive. Which leads to an increased risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

By employing modern teaching techniques our professional driving instructors will help you to understand the finer details of driving a motor vehicle. With structured driving lessons and a comprehensive training program we will help you to become a better driver.

No one is born with the skills and knowledge required to drive a car. Everyone has to go through the process of acquiring the skills and knowledge required to drive safely. Our highly qualified instructors will guide you in your journey to becoming the best driver that you can be.

Each driving lesson is conducted in a car fitted with dual controls for your protection.

Throughout your driver education you will learn new things that help you improve your driving. Each structured driving lesson improves your knowledge and enhances your driving skills. By ensuring you know the correct driving techniques for each situation, you will become a confident driver.

Learn to Drive


Learning to Drive

Getting a drivers license is a significant event in any persons life. We know this can seem overwhelming and confusing. So many rules and things to do, and everyone is telling you what to do.

Learning to drive is a valuable skill that everyone should acquire. Unfortunately too many people take short cuts and don’t become good safe drivers.

Too often people have a car crash because they never learnt how to drive safely. There are more cars on the road, and an increasing number of erratic and dangerous drivers. Learning to drive is an essential skill for all road users.

It takes time to learn all the skills and become a safe driver.

Whatever you stage in the licensing process you can relax with our Better Way Training Program. We have everything you need to become a safe and confident driver.

We do Automatic Driving Lessons

Our driving school has been providing automatic driving lessons for many years. Under the guidance of our helpful driving instructors you will learn everything you need to be a safe and confident driver.

Driving lessons are conducted in a relaxed and stress free environment.

  • Modern Air conditioned cars.
  • Professional Driving Instructors.
  • Structured Driving lessons to suit your needs.
  • Dual controlled cars for your safety.

Manual Driving Lessons

Yes we provide manual driving lessons and allow you to use our manual car for the actual driving test.

People often avoid learning to drive a manual car because it seems too hard. Whilst it does take a little longer to learn how to use the clutch and change gears, the benefits are enormous.

Most people take about 10 hours to develop the basic skills of using the clutch and gears. During this time a manual driver also learns how to scan properly and plan ahead.

Scanning and planning ahead are essential skills to develop. You can not be a good driver without being able to scan properly and plan ahead effectively

Learn to Drive The Better Way

There is an abundance of evidence confirming the quality of driver education is critical to a learners development. Learning the correct driving skills is essential to becoming a safe driver.

We have spent many years developing our Better Way Training program and we know that it works. Professional driving instructors and structured lessons ensure you learn how to drive properly.

Safer Drivers Course

Courses are conducted in accordance with the requirements of Transport for NSW.

Practice Driving Test

What Better Way to prepare for your driving test than a practice driving test. Learn how the examiners conduct the driving test. Get a better understanding of how the test is marked

Compare your skills and driving skills to test standards. Identify any weaknesses and learn how to pass the driving test first go. Our local driving instructors have local knowledge of the actual test routes.

We are an NDIS Driving Lessons approved Provider

We have a fully modified car that is fitted with a variety of modifications covering most physical impairments

We have extensive experience in a preparing students with learning difficulties. If you know anyone on the autism spectrum you will understand how difficult it can be to obtain a drivers license. The good news is all of ours students on the autism spectrum have passed the test and obtained their drivers license.


We have Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Our vehicle can be modified to suit the traditional pull-push hand controls. Alternatively we can set the car up to use a trigger accelerator, which is more ergonomic and reduces the stress on your shoulders and arm.

In addition our vehicle has hand controls with satellite accelerator for a more natural driving experience. We can adapt our car to suit a variety of different physical impairments including:

Left Foot Accelerator. If you are unable to use your right foot to operate the accelerator and brake pedals we can teach you to drive using your left foot.

Pull-Push hand controls. Do you need to use your right hand to accelerate and brake? We can help you pass the driving test and get your license.

Pull-Push hand controls with trigger accelerator. This set up will still allow you to accelerate and brake with your right hand. However you can use a trigger accelerator and reduce the strain on your right arm and shoulder.

Hand controls with satellite accelerator. You have to try this to believe how similar it is to driving without hand controls.

Spinner Knobs. We have a selection of spinner knobs to choose from, from basic to electronic including left and right hand options.


Defensive Driving Course

Learn advanced driving techniques from professional driving instructors. The best way to remain safe on our roads is to learn the best defensive driving skills.

Most car crashes can be avoided by applying simple low risk driving techniques. Most people struggle to list 5 low risk driving techniques. Furthermore the vast majority of drivers can not even explain how they would apply any low risk driving strategy.