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Learning To Drive Richmond Hawkesbury

When Learning To Drive in Richmond Hawkesbury area you should consider Learn To Drive Driving School. We have local driving instructors that specializes in preparing students to pass the Driving Test first go. Because we specialize in providing professional driving lessons in your area our instructors have a good working relationship with the examiners at Richmond. We know the Richmond test tracks and the sections that are difficult to get right.

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Driving in Richmond


Richmond is a semi-rural town that has less traffic than other test centres. Many people think that this would make Richmond easier. However, many students fail their driving test in Richmond typically at traffic lights.

We often hear from students at our Richmond NSW driving school that traffic lights are easy, stop on the red light and go on the green light. If that was true students would not regularly fail the Richmond driving test at traffic lights. The fact is there are a number of rules that apply at Traffic Lights. There is one set of rules that apply when travelling straight ahead. A second set of rules apply when you turn left at Traffic Lights. Then there is a third set of rules that apply when you turn right at Traffic Lights. If you mix up the rules, or do not understand the difference, chances are you will fail. So you have to make sure that you know which rules apply at each situation.

Driving School in Richmond

Richmond Driving Test

Learning to drive in Richmond stop lightDuring the driving test in Richmond NSW you will be taken through many sets of Traffic Lights. The driving test is designed to test your knowledge of the different road rules that apply when

  1. Driving straight ahead at Traffic Lights.
  2. Making a left hand turn at Traffic Lights
  3. Making a right hand turn at Traffic Lights.

This means you will be tested on each of the rule sets. All it takes is one mistake at Traffic Lights and you can fail the whole test. This will mean you will have to rebook your test (which can take many weeks). So make sure you are fully prepared for the driving test.

A common mistake at traffic lights is not to monitor them. You must keep monitoring the traffic lights. Each Traffic light is programmed slightly differently. Too often people do not regularly scan the lights and the light changes color and they fail for going through a red light.


Receive 20 Bonus Log Book Hours when you complete the Safer Drivers Course.
  • You must be under 25 years old
  • Have 50 Log book hours of actual on-road driving
  • Hold a valid learner drivers licence
  • We provide both Automatic and manual Driving Lessons in the Richmond area
  • Stress FREE lessons
  • Qualified driving instructors
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