Why Do I Need Driving Lessons

Taking driving lessons is a great way to ensure you learn the correct driving techniques and how to drive safely. Like employing safe driving techniques to help you avoid dangerous situations on the road. Research shows that you are at a far greater risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident when you first start driving on your own. Having a driving lesson and learning your weaknesses is a great first step to becoming a safer driver.

The Roads and Maritime Services know that having driving lessons plays a significant role in improving your driving skills. That is why they give 3 log book hours when you do a 1 hour lesson with a driving instructor. Do ten driving lessons and you get thirty log book hours. Because the road safety experts know that you will be a better driver when you learn from a qualified driving instructor. In addition to this you will get an additional 20 log book hours when you complete the safer drivers course.

Why do I need driving lessons

The driving test is getting harder

Most learner drivers have lessons with a family member of friend who did the test many years ago. Over the years the road rules have changed. Also the driving test has become harder to pass. Each year the Roads & Maritime services look at how they can improve the test. They add in more things to test you on, which makes the test harder to pass.

My driving test took about 15 minutes. My driving test did not have roundabouts, bus lanes, transit lanes, school zones and many other things. You also have more cars and pedestrians on the road now. This means you will have many more things to respond to when you are driving. Each time you do not respond appropriately you w ill be marked down. One bad response can result in an immediate fail. Your driving test will be longer and there will be more in your driving test than mine.

Most drivers would fail the knowledge test

The NRMA conducted a series of tests with experienced drivers who were teaching a learner driver. Only 3% of drivers who were teaching someone to drive passed the knowledge test. Which means 97% of people teaching someone else to drive could not pass the test and that’s the knowledge test. The actual driving test is much harder than the driver knowledge test. That’s the test you had to pass to get your learner licence. Which means you already know the road rules better than 97% of the drivers on the road. You do not want to learn from someone who knows less about the road rules than you do. Read more

When learning to drive it is vital that you learn the right way first time. Make sure you take lessons from someone who knows the road rules. It will also help if they know defensive driving techniques and safe driving strategies.

Professional driving instructors know more

Driving instructors have to pass a knowledge test before they can enrol in a driving instructors course. That knowledge test is a lot more detailed than the test to get a learners licence. Then they have to do a driving test with the RMS. When they pass both tests they can then enrol in a driving instructors course. If they pass that they can become a driving instructor. If you want a good driving instructor make sure they have additional qualifications

Do I need driving lessons

If you want to become a better driver the best way to do this is to get driving lessons and practice what you learn. Regardless of your skill level or level of experience you can learn more and become a better driver. The questions is do you want to learn.