NSW Driving Test Score Sheet

The NSW Driving Test Score Sheet is used to record your score in the driving test. Because the driving test is an on road assessment you will need to show the testing officer from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) that you can drive safely. During the driving test your examiner will give you directions around a test track. Each test track consists of 25 zones of varying lengths designed to test you on various driving skills.

The best way to prepare for the driving test is to have professional driving lessons with a good driving school.


NSW Driving Test Score Sheet

The above test sheet shows no (fail and immediate fail items) on the Left hand side.

On the right hand side under (Assessments) you can see the student made no mistakes. Giving the student a perfect score in the driving test.

NSW Driving Test Fail Items

There are two sections on the test score sheet used to record your results. The first section is labeled “Fail and Immediate Fail Items.” This section lists the following 19 items that you can be failed for.

  1. Disobeying traffic signs, signals or road markings
  2. Failing to give way when necessary
  3. Colliding with a vehicle, pedestrian or object
  4. Performing an illegal act or manoeuvre.
  5. Exceeding the speed limit
  6. Action requiring testing officer intervention
  7. Causing dangerous situation a
  8. Failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle
  9. Failing to exercise due care to avoid an accident
  10. and Failing to give way to an emergency vehicle
  11. Disobeying directions from a person controlling traffic
  12. Frequently not signalling intention
  13. Refusing to attempt any part of the test
  14. Repeated or deliberate failure to follow directions
  15. Unreasonably obstructing other vehicles or pedestrians
  16. Receiving external advice or instruction during the test
  17. Not parking to the required standard
  18. Failing to maintain a safe following distance
  19. Frequently not making required observation checks


NSW Driving Test Fail Items

Driving Test Assessments

In addition to having no fail items in the driving test you must also score a minimum of 90% in the second part of your test and this is scored in the section labelled “Assessments”. Therefore you need to minimise the number of mistakes you make in the section of the test. Because if you lose too many points you will not get the minimum 90% required to pass.

  1. Speed Management
  2. Road Position
  3. Decision Making
  4. Response to Hazard
  5. Vehicle control

If there is no hazard present then you will not need to respond. Therefore you will not be marked down for failing to respond to a hazard if there was no hazard to respond to.

Most importantly you need to complete the test track with no fail items and a minimum score of at least 90% it is important to make sure you learn how to pass the driving test. At Learn to drive we offer students the opportunity to do a trial driving test. Besides teaching you how to pass the test we also teach you how the examiners mark the driving test. Because this will help you be a safer driver and improve your chances of passing the test.

For more information on the driving test score sheet read “A Guide to the Driving Test”. Or text 0408 545 917 to book a trial test at one of the test locations covered by Learn to Drive.