20 Hour Driving Course

20 Hour Driving Course



There is only one 20 Hour Driving Course in New South Wales for learner drivers that is approved by Transport for NSW. Research shows that students who complete this course have less accidents. In addition you will also receive 20 Log Book Hours when you complete this course.

Also know as the Transport for NSW Safer Driver Course. You can relax in the knowledge that this course has been developed by leading road safety experts. When you complete this course you will have learn many strategies and techniques to help you become a safer driver.

Driver Safety Course NSW

There are many people offering Driver Safety Courses in NSW. With ample evidence to show that the more you know about low-risk driving techniques the safer you are on the road. Therefore you should choose the course that is considered by many road safety experts to be the best in the country.

In addition their is only one course specifically designed for younger learner drivers who have not previously driven solo. Designed to help learner drivers transition to driving on their provisional drivers license. This course offers a wealth of knowledge and insights into the challenges faced by younger drivers when they pass the driving test.


Is the Safer Driver Course worth it?

Without a doubt this course is great value for money. Where else can you get 20 log book hours for $140, that’s only $7 per log book hour. When you just look at it from a financial position nothing else compares. Then when you add in the vast amount of information provided to young drivers the true value of this course becomes obvious. All you need is one vital piece of information to help you avoid a car crash and the course becomes life changing.

I have been teaching this course for many years and I can honestly say that every student learns safe driving skills and improves their knowledge during this course.


Defensive Driving Course

Many organizations offer defensive driving courses, which means there are a lot of different training programs available for you to consider. However there is only one defensive driving course developed by leading road safety experts and approved by Transport for NSW. The Safer Driver Course NSW covers the key component required to drive safely. Some of the things covered in this course include:

  • Speed Management: The reality is nearly everyone insist they already know this. Yet crash statistics show that speed contributes to 40% of fatal crashes for younger drivers
  • Common crash types: Learning the most common crash types and developing strategies to avoid them. this will significantly reduce your chances of being in a serious accident,
  • Low-risk driving strategies. By learning how to apply low-risk driving strategies in real life situations you will become a safer driver.
  • Hazard Perception: Learning how to identify hazards and how to deal with them is an important skill for all drivers.


What happens in the 20 Hour Driving Course

The safer drivers course is an engaging and thought provoking course specifically designed for young learner drivers. Conducted in an informal environment learner drivers get to engage with their peers. By discussing road safety issues students gain a better understanding of the dangers associated with driving. Qualified instructors are able to provide concrete advice and strategies for learner drivers to minimize the risks when driving.

The course consists of 2 modules which are divided into.

Module 1 is the theory component of the course. It is conducted as a group discussion with between 6-12 learner drivers ages 16-24. During this 3 hour group discussion students watch videos and participate in discussion groups to get a better understanding of:

  • The contributing factors in motor vehicle crashes.
  • The common crash types that result in serious injury or worse.
  • How to identify hazardous situations and the best way to respond to those situations.
  • How to plan ahead and make safe decisions.
  • Strategies and techniques for managing the risks associated with driving.


Module 2 is the practical component of the course. Conducted in a car fitted with dual controls. Qualified driving instructors will guide you whilst you apply the skills and strategies learn in Module 1. During this time you will receive feedback and helpful tips on how to drive safely. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to apply low-risk driving techniques in real life situations.

Can I complete the 20 Hour Course in one day?

The 20 hour course is offered by different approved providers. Therefore it depends on the provider that you choose to do the course with. Some providers like to complete the course in one day. Whereas other providers spread the course out over multiple days.

When choosing a provider you should consider if they will be able to complete both module 1 and module 2 on the same day.