Safer Drivers Course Sydney

The Safer Drivers Course Sydney is designed to help you become a safer driver by teaching you skills and techniques that you would not normally learn as a Learner driver. In addition, you will also learn low risk driving strategies that you can use to minimize your risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

By analyzing the causes of motor vehicle crashes involving drivers under 25 years of age certain key risk factors have been identified. Research shows the main behavioural factors for younger drivers aged 17 – 25 years involved in fatal crashes in New South Wales are:

  • Speed
  • Distraction
  • Illegal Alcohol
  • Fatigue

In addition the five most common crash types have been identified. By understanding the causes of these crash types you will be able to reduce your road crash profile. Furthermore, strategies and techniques have been developed to help you avoid dangerous situations whilst driving.

The Safer Drivers Course is a great course for learner drivers to help them transition to driving solo on their provisional license.


Learn to Drive Driving School

Knowledge empowers you

To drive a car safely you need to develop a lot of skills that are unique to driving such as:

  • A working knowledge of the road rules
  • How to control the car in all conditions
  • Correct road position
  • Good Decision Making skills: particularly in complex traffic situations
  • Gap selection: This involves judging the speed and distance of other vehicles
  • Hazard Perception: sounds like a simple concept! But the reality is I have never had a student in a safer Driver Course who is good at it.
  • Safe Following Distance: Everyone says they know how to do this, but less than 5% can actually maintain a safe following distance.
  • Speed Management: is essential to driving safely however very few people actually understand what it means.
  • Crash Avoidance Spaces: is a phrase people of heard of but very few drivers actually know what it means

Everyone has to learn how to drive, no one is born with the ability to drive. No one can just get in a car and drive, everyone has to go through the process of learning the skills and techniques required to drive a car. We all go through this process of learning to drive. Unfortunately some learner drivers do not have very good teachers and they end up becoming poor drivers.

The more you know the better you will become. This is true in every aspect of life, the people who know more are consistently able to to make better decisions. When driving a motor vehicle there will be times when you need to assess complex situations and make decisions in fractions of a second. Your ability to make the right decision will determine if you avoid an accident or become a road statistic.

Learn Defensive Driving techniques

Most learner drivers are not taught specific defensive driving techniques. This results in an increased chance of being involved in a car crash whilst driving solo.

Research into the causes of motor vehicle crashes has identified specific low risk driving techniques that will help you become a safer driver. Designed to build on the knowledge you have already developed by enhancing your understanding of key risk factors. Therefore you will learn how to minimize key risk factors associated with driving.

This is not a course that tells you the things you already know. Designed for learner drivers with at least 50 hours of actual on road driving this course will build on the knowledge you already have.

Learn Safe Driving Techniques

Safe driving techniques will help you become a better driver. During this 5 hour course you will learn a variety of safer driving techniques that can be applied in various situations.

First you will learn the theory of how to drive safely and then you will how to apply that theory in real life situations.

Why do Safer Drivers Course Sydney

Because it will help you become a safer driver. Research shows that students who complete the safer drivers course are less likely to be involved in a car crash.

If you are involved in a crash you car will get damaged and it will cost you a lot of money. Also you will have to wait for your car to be repaired. That means you are back to walking, public transport or relying on others for a lift.

The course will help you to identify hazards whilst you are driving. You will also learn how to respond to those hazards. In addition you will learn how to minimize the risks associated  with driving a motor car.

Why do Safer Drivers Course if I don’t need the hours.

The driving test is a hazard perception test. I know you did the hazard perception test before you could book the driving test, but that is a computer based test. The driving test is a hazard perception test in real life situations. You will have to make decisions in fractions of a second. Anything you do that is illegal or dangerous is an immediate fail. Anything you can learn about identifying hazards and responding to hazards will help you pass the driving test.