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At Learn to Drive we take great pride in providing high quality driving lessons Cambridge Park at an affordable price. We all know that getting a driving license is a big event in any person’s life and choosing the right driving school is important. Therefore we make sure we have great instructors and a great training program.

Because we know our Better way training program will save you time and money. By focusing on the things you need to learn. We provide driving lessons that are interesting and designed to suit your individual needs, because we want you to Learn to Drive in a relaxed and stress free environment. With the guidance of our professional driving instructors you will become a safe and more knowledgeable driver.


Best Driving Lessons Cambridge Park

research shows that it is important to get the best lessons and instructor when learning to drive. Because learning to drive properly will make you a safer driver in Cambridge Park.

That is why we have great driving instructors and our exclusive Better Way Training Program.

There are many reasons why our driving lessons in Cambridge Park are the best. Students will learn more in their driving lesson. In addition their driving instructor will explain what they need to practice to become a safer driver.

Once you have learnt all this new information it is easy to forget some of it. That is why we will give you a student record card.

Your student record card lists all the things you can be tested on in your driving test.

It shows what you have learnt and more importantly what you need to improve on.

So when you go for a drive in Cambridge Park, you’ll know what you need to practice. This will help you become a better driver and prepare for the Driving Test.

Services provided by Learn to Drive Driving School

Basic Driving Lessons: Structured driving lessons designed for learner drivers who are beginners or intermediate drivers with less than 50 Log Book Hours. Focusing on the fundamentals of driving including vehicle operation,  cornering and road position as well as applying road rules whilst driving.


Defensive Driving Courses: Designed specifically for learner drivers with more than 50 Log Book Hours. Designed to develop your ability to identify potentially hazardous situations and apply the correct low risk driving strategies.


Driving Test Preparation: During these driving lessons we focus on the essential elements required to pass the NSW Driving Test. Learn your required observation checks including “Head checks” and how to park to the required standard in the test.


Practice Driving Test: Conducted under exam conditions by your industry leading Learn To Drive driving instructor. Learn how the driving examiners mark the driving test. Compare your skills to the Transport for NSW driving test standards.


Behind-the-wheel Training: You need a lot of practical driving experience to become a good driver. With Learn to Drive you will spend most of the lesson driving and refining your skills. Whilst some driving instructors prefer to spend most of the lesson talking and explaining, we know you need to practice what you have learnt.


Use of car for driving test: Transport for NSW requires you to supply the car for your driving test. Why not use the car you have been taking your lessons in. Using the car you have been learning in will make you more relaxed and confident for the test.


Driving Lessons Designed for You

Your first driving lesson will include an evaluation of your current driving skills and competencies as a learner driver. For learners with actual on-road driving experience this will include a brief driving assessment. Your driving instructor will also take into account any areas you would like to focus on.

Based on your on-road driving assessment and your individual needs a structured lesson plan will be crafted to meet your specific needs. By tailoring a lesson plan to meet your needs your lesson time will be used efficiently to focus on the areas that you need to focus on. Therefore we will not be wasting your time rather than going over things you already know.

This approach will ensure you get more Behind-the-wheel training that focuses on enhancing the driving skills requires for safe and confident driving NSW roads.
Driving Lessons to meet your experience and skill level

One Hour Lesson – Beginner
  • Your driving instructor will pick you up from your agreed location.
  • Check your learner licence and fill in your log book if you have one.
  • If you live in a busy area we will take you to a quiet stress FREE location.
  • In your first lesson you can expect your instructor to cover the basic controls of the car.
  • Then you will learn how to steer properly.
  • Then you will learn how perform left and right turns and basic cornering.

 Adapting each driving lesson to suite your needs ensures you learn more with Learn to Drive

One Hour Lesson – Intermediate
  • Your driving instructor will pick you up from your agreed location.
  • Check your learner licence and fill in your log book.
  • You instructor will evaluate your driving. You will be assessed on your steering, road position and decision making in a variety of marked and unmarked roads and intersections.
  • Then you driving instructor will provide you with constructive feedback identifying any areas that require improvement.
  • Most learner drivers will have elements of their steering, road position and decision making that requires correction and improvement.
  • Your driving instructor will guide you through each element and let you know what you need to practice.
  • Decision making and gap selection for roundabouts, intersections and complex situations.
  • Introduction to low risk driving techniques and strategies such as crash avoidances spaces, buffering, speed management, gap selection, scanning and elements of defensive driving.
  • At the end of your first lesson we will complete your log book if required and you will receive 3 Log Book Hours for your first professional driving lesson




Driving Instructor Cambridge Park

 Learn to drive has been providing professional driving lessons in the Cambridge Park area for many years. Using our exclusive Better Way training program we are able to prepare students for a lifetime of safe driving, as well as passing the test first go.

We have extensive knowledge of the local driving conditions in the Cambridge Park area and we will adapt each driving lesson to suit your individual needs. Regardless of your driving experience you will learn more in a driving lesson with learn to drive.

You local driving instructor has extensive experience in your local area. That means we know the local test routes and what is required to pass the driving test first go!


Driving School Cambridge Park

Research shows that receiving quality driving instructions has a major impact on your safety as a driver, when you receive the right training and advice from a good driving instructor you become a much safer driver. At learn to drive your driving instructor will teach you the correct driving techniques and road safety in a relaxed and stress free environment.

We provide stress free driving lessons that are informative and focused on preparing you for a lifetime of safe driving.

Not sure which driving test location you should do the driving test at, or maybe you can’t get a test booking at your preferred location! Don’t worry our local driving instructors also have extensive experience at the following Service NSW driving test locations:


Why choose Learn to Drive Driving School Cambridge Park?

Our driving school has been providing high quality driver education in your area since 2012. We have a comprehensive knowledge of what is required to pass the driving test first go.

We have a driver training program to suit your needs. Regardless of you driving experience or skill level our driving school will help you to:

  • Improve your confidence
  • Learn Safe Driving Techniques
  • Prepare for the driving test

In addition we provide

  • 3 for 1 Bonus Log Book Hours
  • Pick up and drop off in your area
  • Practice Driving tests
  • Safer Driver Courses
  • Defensive Driving Courses


Learn to Drive Driving Lesson prices Cambridge Park

Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours