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Driving School Jordan Springs

Learn to Drive Driving School Jordan Springs has been providing high quality driving lessons in your area for many years. We have extensive knowledge of the local area and will prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving. In addition we know how to get you ready to pass the driving test First Go!

Research shows that the quality of the driving instructor has a significant effect on the type of driver you will become. When you combine high quality professional driving instructors with our Better way training program you get results. From your first driving lesson you will learn more in an hour and become a better driver. Regardless of your driving experience or knowledge we will improve your driving technique and help you become a better driver.

Comprehensive Driving Services in Jordan Springs: Lessons, Tests, and Safety Courses

Automatic Driving Lessons in Jordan Springs:  You can book a 1 or 2 hour lesson online. Lessons are tailored to meet your level of driving experience and driving skills. You can be picked up or dropped off from a variety of locations in the local area including home, school, work, simply enter your preferred pickup or drop off location when making your booking.

Practice Driving Tests:  Conducted under exam conditions. Learn how the examiners mark the driving test. discover the tricks to passing the driving test from our driving instructors. Compare you driving to test standards.

Overseas License Conversions:  We have extensive experience in assisting overseas license holders pass the NSW driving test. Our professional driving instructors will guide you through each step of converting your overseas license to a NSW Drivers license.

Provisional Driving Test Packages:  This is a 2 hour package that includes a lesson and the use of our car for your driving test.

Older Driver Assessments Jordan Springs:  Complete your older driver assessment with Learn to Drive. Our Transport for NSW approved Older Driver Assessor will guide you through every step of the process.

NDIS Approved Driving Lessons Jordan Springs:  We provide driving lessons for NDIS participants with learning and physical difficulties. Each specialized driving lesson is specifically designed for your specific needs. We have fully qualified instructors in rehabilitation training.

Defensive Driving Course :  Once you have mastered the basics of driving it is time to learn how to drive defensively. Avoiding driving hazards and navigating potentially dangerous situations is a skill every driver should have.


Driving Instructors Jordan Springs

Learn to drive driving school provides the best driver training program in Jordan Springs. We guarantee that you will receive the best possible training from our fully accredited driving instructors.

It does not matter what your driving experience is, we will tailor our exclusive better way training program to suit your individual needs. At learn to drive we take great pride in preparing students for a life time of safe driving as well as passing the test first go.

Automatic Driving Instruction Jordan Springs

Expert Driving Instruction in Jordan Springs, Thorough, and Local

Fully accredited & experienced driving instructors: All of our driving instructors are fully qualified and approved by Transport for NSW. In addition they have extensive experience in your local area. Therefore you can relax in the knowledge that we know all the local testing requirements at Penrith, Richmond and St Mary’s driving test locations

Dual control cars for your safety: When you are learning to drive and developing new skills you might make a mistake. If that happens your driving instructor can keep you safe and assist you if necessary.

Full one hour lesson – we will not waste your time: It takes time to Learn to Drive properly. Your instructor needs time to assess your driving then teach you how to be a better driver. Then you need the time to practice what you have learnt. We will not waste your time, our driving instructor will teach you how to be a better driver.

Modern cars – automatic or manual: We only have modern cars that are comfortable to drive and easy to learn in. Whether you want to learn in an automatic car or a manual car our driving instructors are ready to help.

Local Jordan Springs driving instructors: Our driving instructors have extensive experience in your local area. We know the differences between the various test locations in your area and can help you prepare for the test.


Benefits of Learn To Drive Driving School Jordan Springs

3 for 1 Log Book Hours

Receive 3 Log Book Hours when you complete a 1 hour driving lesson with Learn to Drive
Complete 10 hours with Learn to Drive and receive 30 Log Book Hours
Only applies to your first 10 hours of professional lessons


Transport for NSW Approved Driving Instructors:  All instructors are approved by Transport for NSW and have been vetted by NSW Police.

Modern Air-conditioned Cars:  It’s important to feel comfortable when learning to drive. When you are comfortable and relaxed you will learn more and develop your skills quicker

Dual Controls for your Safety:  It is reassuring to know that whilst your are learning to drive your instructor can help keep you safe if you make a mistake.

Full Comprehensive Insurance:  Research shows that when you are relaxed you will learn more. When learning to drive it is reassuring to know you have full comprehensive insurance

High Pass Rate:  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the driving test requirements will prepare you to pass the test first Go! Great instructors and local knowledge means you are guaranteed to learn how to drive safely.


Earn 20 Bonus log Book Hours.

When you complete your first ten hours of professional driving lessons with Learn to Drive you will receive 30 Log Book Hours.

Become a safer driver with Learn to Drive and learn how to pass the driving test First Go!


Water view of Jordan Springs from instructor car.

Driving Lessons Jordan Springs

Take a professional driving lesson in Jordan Springs and see the difference. We will evaluate your driving and provide you with a student record card, listing the things you could be tested on, and details on how you are going relative to the Transport for NSW standards. We guarantee you will learn more in your one hour lesson and you will have the student record card to refer to later on when you are driving and preparing for your test. All driving lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs and skill levels.

Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours




The closest Services NSW Driving Test location to Jordan Springs is Penrith. We provide practice driving tests and driving lessons for Penrith.

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