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Nepean Driving School

Our professional driving instructors at Nepean Driving School will work diligently to help you become the safest driver you can be. We prepare our students for a lifetime of safe driving, not just for the driving test. By focusing on the things you need to learn we will help you become a better driver. In other words we will not waste your time going over the things you already know. Most importantly we will teach you safe driving techniques and strategies that you can use in everyday driving.


Why Choose Us?

  • Full 1 hour lessons. We won’t waste your time
  • Transport for NSW accredited instructors
  • Modern cars Automatic or Manual
  • Fully Insured
  • Dual control vehicles for your safety
  • Local Driving Instructors
  • Exceptional pass Rate


3 for 1 Log Book Hours

Receive 3 Log Book Hours when you complete a 1 hour driving lesson with Learn to Drive
Complete 10 hours with Learn to Drive and receive 30 Log Book Hours
Only applies to your first 10 hours of professional lessons


Nepean Driving Lessons

Learn to Drive has been providing stress free driving lessons in the Nepean area for many years. Therefore you can relax in the knowledge that we know the local area and what is requires to pass the test first go!

Earn 20 Bonus log book hours when you complete the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course with Learn to Drive.

Our Nepean driving lesson prices are:

Lesson PackageAuto
Single Lesson
(1 Hour)
Double Lesson
(2 Hours)
(3 Hours)
Safe Driving Package
(5 Hours)
Better Way
Driving Package
(10 hours)
Driving Test
Test Package
(2 Hours)
City Drive
4 Hours


Local Nepean Driving Instructors

Nepean Driving Instructors

Our local Nepean driving instructors know the driving test routes and challenges students faced when taking their driving test in the Nepean area. Regardless of which test location you choose to do your test at our local instructors can prepare you to meet the various test locations in your area. If you choose to take the test in Penrith, Transport for NSW Penrith is located on 333 High Street Penrith NSW. The beginning and end of the driving test takes places in a high volume pedestrian area with a 40 km/h speed limit. This increases the risk of pedestrians walking out in front of you.


Full One Hour Nepean Driving Lessons

We guarantee you interesting classes and practical driving lessons prepared by our professionally trained and fully certified instructors. Our Nepean Driving Instructors will take you through each driving lessons. Each driving lesson takes a full hour, providing you with maximum opportunities to learn as much as you can each time.


Modern Driving School Cars

We have modern cars that are air conditioned and fitted with dual controls. This allows our qualified instructors to maintain your safety. This helps students feel more confident when learning to drive around Penrith. This is important in high traffic areas such as around St Nicholas of Myra Public School, Penrith Public school and Penrith High School, where these is traffic, pedestrians and children to monitor. All our tuition cars are fully maintained to Transport for NSW standards.