Learn to Drive Driving School

Driving School Blacktown

Driving School Blacktown

Our driving school in Blacktown has been teaching students how to drive in a relaxed and stress free environment for many years. We take great pride in preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving as well as passing the driving test. Therefore we make sure we have highly qualified driving instructors who are committed to road safety and ensuring you get the best driver education possible.

With our exclusive Better Way Training Program we can tailor each driving lesson to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your driving experience or confidence levels, you’ll be amazed at just how much you learn in an hour with Learn to Drive Driving School in Blacktown.

When you take a driving lesson with Learn To Drive you get a professional driving instructor who is dedicated to ensuring you learn how to drive safely. Our professional driving instructors are highly experienced and know how to get you ready to pass the driving test first go.

Why choose Learn to Drive Driving School in Blacktown

  • Full 1 hour lessons.
  • Improve your confidence.
  • 3 for 1 Log Book Hours.
  • RMS accredited instructors.
  • Modern, fully insured cars.
  • Dual controls for your safety.
  • Local Driving Instructors fully approved by the RMS.
  • Package deals available.
  • Exceptional pass Rate.
  • Exclusive Better way Training Program.


Affordable Driving School in Blacktown

We offer a great service with great driving instructors. When you have a lesson with Learn to Drive, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn. Regardless of your experience or skill level, you’ll become a better driver with our driving school. Our driving school provides many benefits for local Blacktown learner drivers.

There are many reasons why we believe our driving school in Blacktown is the best. The most important is our driving instructors. Research shows that the quality of the in car driving instruction you receive plays a significant part in determining how good a driver you will become.

Services provided by Learn to Drive in Blacktown

  • Trial Driving Test.
  • Use of car for driving test.
  • FREE Keys2Drive Lesson.
  • Refresher Lessons.
  • Overseas licence conversions.
  • Aged Driving Assessments.
  • Automatic Driving Instructors.
  • Pick up & Drop off in Local area.
  • NDIS approved provider.

Driving Lessons in Blacktown

Learn To Drive guarantees you a full one hour driving lesson in Blacktown. This ensures you have the maximum opportunity to learn and practice all the skills required to be a safe driver. Because we know that the amount of practice you get will improve your driving.

Our professional Driving Instructors work diligently to ensure each lesson is interesting and informative.

We believe all driving lessons should be enjoyable. Because we know that when you enjoy driving you will become a better driver. So all our cars are fitted with dual controls. This means your instructor can maintain the safest possible learning environment.

Add to that fully air conditioned cars that are regularly maintained to the highest standards and great driving instructors. Which means you can relax and enjoy the driving lesson.

Blacktown Driving School Lesson Types

Blacktown Driving Lesson Prices and information

Single Lesson $62
Basic Package (Three Lessons) $183
Safe Driving Package (Five Lessons) $300
Comprehensive Driving Package (Ten Lessons) $590
Trial Test $69

Learn to Drive sets the standard in professional driving lessons at an affordable price. Each driving lesson goes for one hour to ensure you have enough time to learn and practice what you have learnt. At Learn to Drive we are approved by the Roads and Maritime Services to enter 3 log book hours for each 1 hour driving lesson up to a maximum of 10 lessons.





Basic Driving Lesson Package in Blacktown:

This is a three lesson package and each driving lesson lasts for one hour. You can do three one hour driving lessons or you can do a double lesson and a single lesson. If you are just starting to drive, this is a great package to start off with. You can learn the basic controls of the car including things like starting, stopping, steering and the correct road position.

Alternatively if you are in the final stages of preparing for your driving test this is an ideal package to learn the manoeuvres for the driving test. This includes parking and three point turns. Your driving instructor will also have the opportunity to evaluate your driving and identify any areas that need improvement.

Safe Driving Package Blacktown:

This is a five lesson package that includes five hours of driving lessons. Your package can be used for one or two hour lessons – it’s your choice. A five lesson package for those who want to learn more and become a better driver. If you’re a new driver you will not only learn the basics of driving a car, you will also start learning safe driving techniques and how to minimise your risk of being in a motor vehicle accident.

If you are getting ready for the driving  test, this package will make sure you have a good driving technique. Five hours of driving lessons will also give you time to start developing good driving habits that will stay with you long after you’ve passed the driving test. In addition you’ll also begin to learn what the driving test examiners are looking for and how they assess the driving test.

Comprehensive Driving Package Blacktown:

This is a ten lesson package that is designed for the person who wants to become a good driver. This is the package we recommend for learner drivers who are just starting to drive. You will be given the opportunity to learn the correct driving techniques and develop safe driving strategies that will make you a good driver. By learning to drive the correct way, you’ll develop good driving habits that will stay with you throughout your driving life.

Research shows that the standard of on road driver education you receive plays a significant role in determining your ability to drive safely. This package will help you develop better decision making skills and improve your ability to drive safely.

Unfortunately, too many people spend a long time learning and practising poor driving techniques. Then when they fail the driving test they realise that they have wasted a lot of time and they have to change the way they drive. It is much harder to change a bad habit than to learn the correct technique in the beginning.

Trial Driving Test

This is a great way to make sure you are ready for the driving test. Our trial test is conducted under driving test conditions. Your driving will be assessed and marked to the standards set by the Roads and Maritime Services.

Your trial test will incorporate many of the elements you’ll actually be tested on. Under the expert guidance of a Learn to Drive Driving Instructor, your driving will be assessed and you will receive your driving test score sheet at the end of your trial driving test.

Local Blacktown Driving Instructors

Your Driving lessons will be with a local Blacktown driving instructor that knows the local area. Our driving instructors are fully trained and approved by the Roads and Maritime services to teach all types of students including

  • Beginners with little or no experience.
  • Learner drivers with some experience who are building up their log book hours for the driving test.
  • Student’s in the final stages of preparing for the driving test.
  • Students who want to upgrade from Auto to manual transmissions.
  • Overseas licence conversions.

Our driving instructors have a good working relationship with the Blacktown RMS examiners. They know the local test tracks and what to look out for when doing your test at the Blacktown test centre. Our driving instructors will make sure you are fully prepared to Pass the Driving Test First Go.

All our driving instructors are fully qualified and they also have some additional qualifications. Because we take the time to get more qualifications, we can teach you more about driving. Some of our Certifications and qualifications include:

  • Cert. IV Driving Instruction Car.
  • Cert. IV Training and Assessment.
  • Working with Children Certificate.
  • Keys2Drive approved.
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator Module 1.
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach Module 2.
  • RMS approved Driving Instructor.
  • RMS approved aged driving Assessor.
  • Heavy Vehicle Licence.
  • NDIS Approved Driving Instructor.
  • Rehabilitation trained driving instructor.
  • Curtin University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum.”
  • Western Sydney University “Supporting student drivers on the Autism Spectrum.”

Older Driver Assessments Blacktown

At Learn to Drive, you can have a driving lesson with a driving instructor who is approved by the Roads and Maritime services to conduct older driver assessments. If you are 75 years of age or older then you will need to do the older driver assessment. When you receive your notification from the Roads and Maritime Services, you will be given the choice of doing the driving test with the RMS or with an approved Assessor.

It can be a very stressful time for a person who has been driving for many years to suddenly have to do the driving test again. At Learn to Drive you can do a driving lesson with a driving instructor who is actually qualified to conduct the driving test with you. During the lesson we will assess your driving and let you know if you are ready to pass the driving test.

Then, when you are ready to pass the driving test you can do the older driver assessment with the same person or if you prefer you can do the driving test with the Roads and Maritime Services. Either way you have been assessed by an approved assessor before you actually do the test. That way you will know what to expect and you will be better prepared to pass the test.




NDIS Approved Driving Instructor Blacktown

We are an approved provider for specialised driving lessons with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Learning to drive is a valuable skill for most people that allows you to remain connected to your community. In addition, it enables drivers to undertake many other meaningful activities.

At Learn to Drive, we provide specialised driving lessons for people with:

Cognitive Impairment:

We work with occupational therapists to conduct driving assessments in the Blacktown area. By working with a trained occupational therapist we are able to develop appropriate lesson plans to help people with a variety of cognitive issues regain their drivers licence.

Physical Impairment:

We have a fully modified car with hand controls, standard spinner knobs, electronic spinner knobs, left foot accelerators and satellite accelerators.

Learning Difficulties:

Our highly trained driving instructor in your area has extensive training and experience with a wide range of learning difficulties.

To find out if you or someone you know needs a driving assessment please follow the link below


What our students Say about Learn to Drive

I had an amazing experience with Learn To Drive, i passed my P’s test first try and they made sure i was prepared and confident. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a driving school.
John is honestly the most skilled driving instructor I've had, extremely patient and willing to explain and rationalise everything, passed on my first go! Also great to have a chat to, would recommend! ???? ????
Very good service, made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. Highly recommend.
High quality driving school with a professional instructor.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Learn to Drive we know that everyone learns in different was and at different speeds. We also know that each student has different levels of experience and skills at driving. We will adapt each lesson to suit your learning style and skill level. Therefore you will learn more in a lesson than with other driving schools.
You will need your drivers licence and it would be a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you are under 25 years old make sure you bring your log book.
Driving lessons start and finish at a location that is convenient to you. Whilst this is usually your home address it may also be school, TAFE, University, Work or other locations within your local service area.
You can do the driving test in the same Learn To Drive car that you do your driving lessons in. That way you will be familiar with the car and you will be familiar with the car
We have driving instructors who are available for driving lessons from early in the morning to late at night. We will be able to arrange a time that suits your schedule
Yes all of our cars have dual controls for your safety.
Yes all of our driving instructors are fully qualified and approved by the Roads and Maritime Services. In addition all driving instructors have comprehensive car insurance and working with children certificates.